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10 Amazing Hairstyles That Never Age

10 Amazing Hairstyles That Never Age

Classic Bob

Smooth, side-parted, one-length hair is always fashionable. It creates a crisp frame for the face just when we could use a little structure and definition. Hovering just above or right beneath the chin, it works for Ellen Barkin, Jodie Foster and Sherry Stringfield. Keep it glossy and sleek with a dab of styling oil, or shapely with hot rollers. For extra forehead camouflage, add some bangs.


Also known as the longer bob, it skims anywhere from midneck to just above your shoulders for the feeling of long hair — without actually being long. It’s ideal for fine, thinning hair that wishes it were still Rapunzel-like. You can vary the texture from softly wavy (like Glenn Close and Sigourney Weaver) to straight (like Ann Curry, Olivia Newton-John and Garcelle Beauvais) with a flat or curling iron.


This is really a layered bob with a ruffled feathers look. It can be short like Jane Fonda and Sharon Osbourne or medium length like Diane Keaton, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Grey and Candice Bergen. It may include some sort of bang (or not), but it’s the choppy layers that make this timeless cut work. Flip out the ends of all layers away from the face as you blow-dry in order to make it look trendier and full of movement.

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