21 Stacked Bob Hairstyle for the Style Year 2020

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Stacked bob is the haircut that appears to be the talk of the city this year. Whether making a decision to go for lengthy, short, incredible short, or the one with the bangs, it will now not move wrong, agree with me.
This countless hairstyle, stacked bob or graduated bob, is a trick to applying layers to give full-bodied, rounded shape hairstyles. Although, it gained its recognition back within the ’60s, what is preserving it so trendy until the date is its magic. Having no awful hair days is no much less than magic, proper ladies?
Why don’t we see if it is true?

1- Highlight & Layer

All of us are not blessed with thick and lustrous hair.
So naturally, skinny hair problems.
Here comes stacked bob to rescue. It adds so much to an extent. To add extra intensity and texture, make use of highlights.

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