10 Body-Boosting Swimsuits for Women

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Hit the beach or pool with these figure-flaunting styles

Afraid to come out of the water? Scared to remove your sarong? C’mon! How about that 50-something woman over there — clearly a zaftig size 18 or maybe even a 1X — sashaying around in a sizzling pink suit? She’s comfy strutting her stuff! As a fashion editor I know her secret. The most confident women simply do a better job of flaunting their assets and ignoring any so-called “flaws.” It’s the key to a more body-positive attitude. But that doesn’t mean a sassy suit won’t help. Here are 10 trendy swimsuit styles your breasts, belly and backside will love.

Old Navy Color Block; Old Navy Color-Blocked Secret-Slim One-Shoulder Plus-Size; Kona Sol Bow-Tie One-Shoulder One-Piece; Kona Sol Plus-Size Bow-Tie One-Shoulder One-Piece
  • 10. The One-Shoulder Suit It’s a must-try for any woman who is top heavy, or extra curvy on the bottom and wants a big dose of glam. Here’s why. The diagonal one-shoulder line lures attention to your shoulders and visually lengthens your torso by keeping chest and cleavage under cover. Your normally space-crammed breasts, midriff and belly get the illusion of a sleek separated look. The fashion detail that makes it now is a knot or bow at the shoulder — like Old Navy Color-Blocked Secret-Slim One-Shoulder Plus-Size Swimsuit, sizes 1X to 4X ($55, oldnavy.com); or the Old Navy Color Block Swimsuit, sizes XS to XXL ($45, oldnavy.com). Still into sophisticated black? Try the Kona Sol Bow-Tie One-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit, sizes S to XL ($35, target.com); or the Kona Sol Plus-Size Bow-Tie One-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit in black, sizes 14W to 26W ($40, target.com). And of course, an inner shelf bra and soft cups do provide sneaky lift and shaping.

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