Choices for Round Faces Hairstyles


Hairstyle is an important factor in making someone looks attractive or beautiful. Most people or men don’t realize it, but hairstyles have an incredible effect to someone’s appearance. If they’re wrong in choosing the right hairstyles to their face, the effect might be disastrous.

When people have round faces, it means the dimension of their faces in width and length is almost the same. People who have round faces often have round chin, wide hairline, and full cheek as well as the cheekbones. If they want to have short hair, they should add volume at the top of their head and use layers styles. They could use heightened bangs which will help in making the face looks a bit longer. With layer cuts, they could cover the side of their cheeks so that it will look less plump and round. If they want to have long hair, it’s actually one of the best styles for round faces people, because the length of the hair will definitely help in making the face look longer.

However they should avoid having extra volume around the cheek and focus on the center part of the face that would make the longer effect. It’s better to keep long hair straight until it passes the chin and then they could have layer or curls at the end to give different look. They could also use highlighted framing at the side of the face so that their faces look a bit narrow. They should avoid medium length styles; they should choose either short or long one. To add length effect, the hair should either grow pass the chin or above the cheek. They also should avoid heavy bangs, curls right next to the cheeks, or bob style. Bob is definitely a big no since it only adds up the volume of the cheeks.

People should consult with their hairdresser since they might be able to help in choosing the right choice of hairstyles.

Choices for Round Faces Hairstyles

Sometimes being a round face person isn’t fun at all. With the plump cheeks and round chin, she could have a disastrous look if she chooses the wrong kind of hairstyles. But there are some tips and ways to get the best of round faces hairstyles, so that they won’t fall into catastrophic look that could affect their mood for several months. Here are the tips:

• Women with round faces feature should have long layers. When they keep the hair longer than the chin, the effect will make their face look longer. To have a gorgeous look, they can have curly style or layered cut. But have those cuts on the end only.

• They could also have soft waves (not curl) to avoid the plumpness of the cheeks.

• If they have double chin, they should keep the hair around their face above the chin in short style so that the attention will be drawn upward. Don’t have bob style, though. Ask the hairdresser to trim the hair to make it look less heavy.

• If they have short neck, it’s better to have short and cropped style. The cropped style will make the neck seems longer. If they want to keep their long hair, they could play with highlights to give longer and slender effect.

• Long hair can be used when they have a cut that makes their face looks oval. Such effects can be created through layer cuts, especially when its’ done around the cheeks.

• They should also pay attention to the texture of their hair. If their hair is thick and coarse, they need to have it trimmed so that it will look smoother. If their hair is thin enough, they could make it heavier.

• If their hair is naturally curly, they could make it longer with the heavier part of the curl put behind the ears. It is fine to let a few ringlets or soft curls along the face or cheek area to make the cheek look less round.

It’s always a good idea to have suggestions from the hairdressers since they know the best option.


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