A Guide to Trendy and Punk Hairstyles For Teens


Hairstyle has always played a very important role in the overall personality of both men and women. It has been an integral part of dressing up and making a fashion statement. Most of us would have gone though pictures of elaborate hairstyles sported by the men and women in the past. We are quite familiar with the long pony tailed hair of English men in 17th century to the unkempt hippie looks of the 60’s.

Trendy hairstyles are fashion trends sported by some celebrities and copied by fans all over the world. Today the trends in hairstyles change as fast as the fashion and sometimes even faster. Men and women who change with the times keep themselves updates to look good and be a part of the crowds.

When we talk of trendy hairstyle we mean the kind of hairstyle which most of the men and women are sporting these days. Coming to women’s style the length of the hair matters a lot. This year women are going in for shoulder length, short hair cropped as well as long hair. Therefore whichever length your hair is right now you can get a smart new look with a little trimming and styling.

Long lustrous hair cut in layers and styled look lovely on older as well as younger women and it very much in vogue this year. The messy shoulder length hair with bangs is also fashionable for women with broad jaws. The classic bob never went out of style and if you want to play it safe go for it-with or without bangs. Boy cuts and hair cut just below the ears look fine and are considered to be trendy.

If you think men are not concerned about the trendy hairstyle you are quite wrong. They are going in for classic cropped cut which never go out of fashion. There is also a little longer cut with fringe falling over the forehead to give a very smart look indeed. Same hair brushed back completely creates another look which is in style this year. And lastly longish hair parted and styled as you please is also in vogue. Very long hair is quite out.

Over the past few years there has been an emergence of a new trend to look different and stand out, this is reflected in the hairstyles as well. Punk hairstyle characterized by its color, style and cut are an efforts to stand out in the crowd, sometimes to the extent of being weird.

Heard of Mohawk-the most famous punk hairstyle which never goes out of fashion? A long strip of hair in the center and shaved from the sides. Punk hair style represents the effort to look ‘different’ on the verge of being freakish. Different hair color and funky cuts are basis of punk hairstyle. You will come across people with neon colors like pink, purple, orange, blue in an artful combination. If you are into this kind of look or even understand it you will notice that the combination’s of colors are done with certain thought. The hair cuts are mostly irregular. The hair will remain long from one side and very short on the other or some part of the head will be totally shaved while other part will have long hair.

Each hair style in punk trend has a particular name like ‘Emo punk’ or ‘mini-mo’. As far as trendy hairstyle in punk hair style is concerned spiked hair is out and asymmetrical cut with hair falling over the forehead is in fashion. They do not look too out of the ordinary. If you want to make it look spiked or have it look different use gel and hair sprays to set it in different styles.

Sometimes sporting a trendy hairstyle can be risky because they disappear as soon as they had appeared. There are so many different hairstyles but there is no thumb rule as to which will look good on which person. It depends on various factors such as age, face structure and style; however there is no age limit for any style, if it looks good on you go ahead and wear it.


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