How to do a facial care routine?


How to properly take care of your skin? Let’s take a look at the basic skincare steps in the article below to get healthy skin every day!

  1. Why do you need to take care of your face every day?

Every day, our skin is always exposed to many harmful agents from the environment such as UV rays, ultraviolet rays, dust, chemicals, moisture, … Besides, many factors from the inside of the body also makes the skin vulnerable to damage such as body pigmentation, stress, nutritional deficiencies, life pressure, etc.

Therefore, daily facial skincare is essential to ensure skin health and protect us from harmful factors. Skin is a “sign of age”, so good skincare will make you younger, attract the opposite person, repel the possibility of acne, wrinkles and help slow down the skin aging process.

Although we understand the importance of daily facial skincare, not everyone knows how to properly care for their skin. Improper skincare can make your skin worse and worse.

Refer to the facial care steps below to help your skin always in the best condition.

  1. Take care of your face properly with these simple steps

2.1 Remove makeup and use a cleanser suitable for your skin

How to do a facial care routine?

Makeup removal is considered as one of the indispensable steps in the daily facial skincare routine. This step will help you completely remove the powder on the face, helping the face skin to be cleaner so that the pores are always open.

After removing makeup, wash your face thoroughly with a cleanser. You should choose the right cleanser for your skin to achieve the best effect and not cause irritation. On the market today, there are many brands of facial cleansers which are usually classified into two main types: water-based and oil-based. An oil-based cleanser is suitable for oily and combination skin while a water-based cleanser is a basic cleanser suitable for all skin types.

How to do it is very simple: Wet your face, take a small amount of cleanser, apply it evenly on the skin, and gently massage and then wash your face with cold water.

2.2 Use toner

In a standard facial care routine, toner is used after cleansing.

Toners have the effect of replenishing water through the process of hydration in the skin, helping to remove dirt, dead skin cells left after washing the face. Besides, this product acts as a conductor to help the skin absorb nutrients better.

if you have acne-prone skin, you can choose a toner with BHA ingredients if your skin is oily, or choose a toner with AHA ingredients if your skin is dry to prevent acne and balance moisture.
How to do: Soak a cotton pad with toner and apply directly to the face, gently stroke in a spiral.

2.3 Apply Anti-Oxidant Serum

As a solution with high concentration and containing many nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin E. Serum has the antioxidant capacity, protect your skin against harmful free radicals.
Take care of your face with serums that are suitable for your skin blemishes such as acne serum, freckle serum, anti-aging serum, …

Take a small amount of serum in the palm of your hand, apply it evenly to the skin, and then pat gently for better absorption.

2.4 Moisturizing your skin

How to do a facial care routine?

Many of you skip this facial care step because you think that moisturizing your skin is only for dry combination or dry skin. However, moisturizing is essential for all skin types, including oily skin. This step will help replenish moisture for oily skin and better control oil on the skin. Applying a moisturizer will help the nutrients in the previous skincare steps be locked under the skin, the nutrients will work better on the skin.

2.5 Use sunscreen

Today, there are many factors that negatively affect the skin such as UVA, UVB rays, radiation on computer screens, phones, televisions… Therefore, if you do not want your skin to be damaged and difficult to recover, do not skip the step of applying sunscreen in your daily facial skincare routine!

You should apply sunscreen for about 15-30 minutes before going out for the best protection. In addition, cover more fully with a hat, a facemask will also protect your skin better!

Above are the right ways to take care of face skin that you can apply every day to keep your skin healthy and fresh. In addition to the above facial skincare process, you should also set up for yourself a moderate lifestyle such as: drinking enough water, eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, and vegetables, resting on time, getting enough sleep, and exercising help your skin healthier and more beautiful. Good luck!


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