9 Benefits of Early Sleep Not Everyone Knows


According to scientists, adults need to sleep 6 hours a day while children need 8-12 hours of sleep or more depending on their age. It’s true that in order to get enough sleep and wake up early in the morning, we need to go to bed early. The benefits of going to bed early are much more effective and better than taking drugs and supporting foods. If you regularly maintain the habit of going to bed early, you will feel many unexpected changes in a positive direction. If you want to know what those benefits are, keep on reading.

1. Less worry

Through surveys, the results show that people who stay up late often have anxiety and negative thoughts in their heads. This is because when you stay up too late, you will always feel alone because the people around are asleep and the space is quiet. At this point, just a slight noise somewhere outside can startle you. Night after night it will gradually build up fear in you unconsciously.

Not to mention, when staying up late alone, many people often reminisce about old stories, remember the past unhappy, sad, and have negative thoughts that make them depressed and pessimistic. These thoughts also make it difficult for you to fall asleep even after lying down on the bed. Unknowingly, this also becomes a habit, every time you go to bed, you think that it is difficult to sleep and have to stay up late.

Therefore, people who go to bed early and on time will often have less to think, worry, spirit, mind to be comfortable to help them be happy, not stressed.

2. Positive mood

Benefits of Early Sleep

Going to bed late, or having to wake up early in the morning to go to work and school will always make you fall into a state of anxiety, stress, and fatigue. When you go to bed late, you will often have trouble falling asleep (because it’s past bedtime, your body will often “assume” you will stay up all night). By the time you’ve fallen asleep and are barely asleep, it’s time to wake up. At this time, most people’s general mood is that they just fell asleep and still want to sleep, and don’t want to wake up. So if you wake up, you will feel sluggish, tired, and have no strength.

When you go to work or school, you always fall asleep and want to sleep. This makes you easily scowl, irritable with everything around, especially with noise. Accordingly, you can not think positively because your mind is always stressed.

Therefore, people who sleep early will have the opposite state. They are playful, comfortable, refreshing, and always think positively to solve everything.

3. Be more productive

Staying up late and getting up early is a phrase we often hear to refer to hard-working people. However, this is not true of science. Because, when you stay up late, you can’t get up early but be alert enough to work effectively. Thus, if you keep repeating the cycle like that, it will make you tired, weak, and even bring many unwanted diseases.

When you stay up late, wake up in the morning you just “crave” to sleep, think slower and work less flexibly than those who sleep early and get enough sleep. Those who have adequate, comfortable sleep will definitely have better work quality and performance than those who stay up late and don’t get enough sleep.

4. Increase resistance, less disease in the cold season

The body’s resistance plays an important role in keeping the body healthy. People with strong resistance are less likely to get sick and can fight off invading bacteria. One of the simplest ways to strengthen the body’s resistance is to sleep early and get enough sleep. Instead of having to use vitamins or supplements, going to bed early is a simple job, bringing benefits quickly without worrying about side effects or affecting health later.

5. Better skin

Going to bed early, feeling relaxed, happy, automatically looks younger and fresher. Not to mention, when you sleep early, your body will have time and the opportunity to replace old cells with new ones. Thanks to this replacement, you will always have fresh, youthful, and rosy skin.

On the contrary, when you lose sleep, sleep late, not to mention the dull, pale skin lacking vitality, but also make the dark circles under the eyes darker and darker, affecting the overall beauty of the face. Therefore, women who want to be beautiful, need to sleep early.

6. Reduce the risk of dangerous diseases

Most of the dangerous, life-threatening diseases can be caused by you often staying up late. Because, when staying up late, the organs work all day tired, damaged but do not have enough time to restore and repair this damage. Moreover, staying up late also often uses foods and stimulants, the body can not eliminate toxins in a short time. Therefore, problems inside your body, especially damaged cells, are more likely to flare up and develop into unknown diseases.

7. Good for the heart

Benefits of Early Sleep

Scientists have studied and shown that people who often sleep less than 5 hours will have a higher risk of dangerous diseases, in which the risk of heart disease is higher than those who usually sleep early, and get enough sleep to 40 %. So, if you want to avoid this dangerous disease, you need to go to bed early. It is better to sleep early before 10 o’clock than to sleep late after 10 o’clock.

8. Reduce the risk of breast cancer

Breast cancer is a dangerous disease that often affects women. An unexpected factor that causes the disease that many people do not think about is lack of sleep, or going to bed late after 11 o’clock. If you often stay up late but also have to work, exposed to the light from technology devices. This is the main cause of destroying the hormone that inhibits tumors, especially breast tumors. Therefore, women should take care of themselves, avoiding dangerous and unpredictable diseases.

9. Feeling safe

Lack of sleep, sleeping late makes the nerves tired, stressed, unable to concentrate. Therefore, whatever you do, you will feel sluggish and sluggish. If you are driving without being able to concentrate, it is very dangerous. Not only is it dangerous for yourself, but it’s also dangerous for those around you and unrelated people.

Those who sleep well and go to bed early, the spirit is always awake, will create a sense of security for yourself and everyone around.

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