Jumping Rope – An Excellent Exercise For Quick Weight Loss


Not only a childhood pastime, but jumping rope is also one of the weight loss exercises that bring quick results. For athletes, especially boxers, jumping rope is also a very familiar exercise that can help improve their health.

There are many options for fast weight loss exercises in which jumping rope is widely chosen by many people because of its quick “fat-burning” effect. Moreover, the jump rope exercise also includes movements that are easy to perform, extremely convenient, and do not take up too much space.

If you are planning to lose weight this holiday season, let join Hairstylishes to learn more about jumping rope and try it out at home!

What benefits can jumping rope bring to us?

According to Medical Doctor William Robert, Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Minnesota, jumping rope is used as an exercise to help improve heart and pneumonia health, endurance, and body balance. This exercise also focuses on a lot of whole-body activities and helps your muscles get more toned.

Fast weight loss effect

According to Women’s Health rankings for fast calorie-burning exercises published in December 2020, skipping rope comes in first place with a burn rate of about 667–990 calories/hour (jumping at a high speed of 120 times/min). In particular, Matthew Stults-Kolehmainen – Specialist in Exercise Physiology at Yale-New Haven Hospital, said that jumping rope even helps you burn calories better than running.

Improve Skeletal Health

Exercise For Quick Weight Loss

Dr. William Roberts said, jumping rope is a load-bearing exercise and it requires you to put weight on your skeleton, thereby helping to improve your bone health. In particular, this exercise is also suitable for all ages. For girls in puberty, jumping rope is very supportive for bone development. If you are an adult, you should practice jumping rope regularly in order to maintain good bone density. In addition, according to a scientific study on osteoporosis published by BioMed Research International in 2018, jumping rope also effectively improves the bone health of postmenopausal women.

Improve heart health

Jumping rope comes with high intensity, from which the heart muscle will also be stimulated to work faster and stronger to pump oxygenated blood to cells in each organ in the body. Compared to exercises such as jogging, walking, or cycling, jumping rope helps our heart exercise more. Regular jumping rope also helps you avoid risks such as stroke, high blood pressure, unexpected heart attacks as well as many other clinical diseases.

Injury prevention

Thanks to the benefits of improving bone strength mentioned above, jumping rope also helps you limit serious injuries such as fractures. What’s more, this exercise helps minimize ankle injuries because jumping rope helps strengthen the muscles near this area.

How to make jumping rope more efficient?

– This is an easy exercise to do, but you also need to pay attention to the following ways to promote the effectiveness of jumping rope and minimize injuries.

– Your jump rope should be the right length depending on your body length. You can determine by holding the midpoint of the rope with your foot, then stretching the two ends of the rope up to about chest height.

– Don’t forget to do a full warm-up before jumping rope

– Keep your upper body naturally straight, eyes looking straight, and focused on the lower body as performing the movement.

– Do not use heels to jump because it will make your move significantly slower than the rope speed, you should use the arch of your foot instead.

-Do not grip too tightly, but relax your hand moderately so as not to lose too much strength.

-You should jump just enough for the rope to go through and not necessarily jump too high.

Consistently dancing for 20 minutes will help you burn at least 300 calories.

So are you ready to practice jumping rope?


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