How to Store Eggs Without Refrigeration


1. Brush the oil on the eggshell

It is simple to preserve eggs by oiling. Using a clean brush, apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to the entire surface of the egg. Your eggs will stay fresh for more than a month under normal conditions.

The oil layer acts as a protective film, allowing moisture in the egg to escape through the tiny pores. On the contrary, the bacteria will also not be able to penetrate, hence the eggs will not be spoiled.

2. Use rice husk or sawdust

This is a way of preserving eggs that has been around for a long time which is simple but extremely effective.

First, you put a layer of rice husk about 5cm into the bottom of the barrel, then spread the eggs evenly on the surface. One layer of rice husk and then one layer of eggs until the end. Use a piece of cardboard to put on top, and close the lid of the box.

Place the carton of eggs in a cool, dry place to keep for several months. If you don’t have rice husks, you can replace them with sawdust. Check eggs periodically once a month to promptly handle if unfortunately there are damaged eggs.

Using rice husks to wrap eggs also helps to transport eggs more safely. Rice husk creates extremely high smoothness, therefore you will not have to worry about broken eggs.

3. Preserving eggs with newspaper

Use a paper towel to wipe the dirt off the eggshell. Then crumple the newspaper and proceed to wrap each egg. Place eggs in trays, baskets to dry and ventilated in your kitchen.

This method can preserve eggs for 1-2 months.

4. Put the eggs in the tea grounds.

Firstly dry the tea leaves, then arrange eggs and tea grounds in crates or boxes in layers. This egg preservation tip can last about 2-3 months.

5. Preserving eggs with rice

The environment in rice has a lower temperature than normal temperature. What’s more,the  rice flour also helps prevent bacteria from entering the egg.

So you can store eggs with rice for up to 6-8 months, without worrying about mortar. You can also put eggs directly into the family rice bin without preparing a separate one.

Hope these tips help!


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