Top 12 Stylish Hair Color Trends to Try In 2021



Defining the most stylish color is not so simple. For each type of girls, stylists offer different options.

Of the cold shades, platinum is in the first place. Older girls and women give preference to him. It is a bright, attractive color. It looks beautiful on short hair and long hair. Suitable for elegant, feminine ladies.

It’s time to fall / winter is ideal for cold shades, look at them. Natural, pink blond, ashy and metallic tone – the perfect solution.

Not everyone likes cool colors. In this case, pay attention to the trendy fiery red tint. He will surely attract attention and set you apart from the crowd. Spring / Summer 2020-2021 requires vibrant colors. Young, extraordinary, active girls choose this staining.

Natural colors are always at the peak of style: sand, blond, black –  several seasons have been in favorites.


Any girl strives for her individual style. Hair in such a case is one of the main attributes. Stylish coloring will add a twist to the image. Pay attention to highlighting and coloring. In 2020-2021, they do not lose top positions.

Natural highlighting is most relevant. Neat and barely noticeable, it gives the hair shine and juiciness. To create beautiful highlights, choose shades that are slightly lighter and darker than your natural color.

Do not avoid such highlights as:

  • Balayazh . Adds volume to hair. Plus, it requires a rare update.
  • Ombre . Technique with a barely noticeable transition of colors, suitable for dark-haired.
  • Sombra . Unlike ombre, hair coloring begins from the roots. Suitable for fair hair.

When tinting, choose bright colors. Coloring in natural tones continues to be in style, but bright colors are the latest style, especially such as pink, bright red, scarlet and orange. The last color looks beautiful on green-eyed and blue-eyed girls. Complementing the orange with distinctive highlights of bright red or a light ash color, you will get a unique, creative look.

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