Top 12 Stylish Hair Color Trends to Try In 2021



Haircuts and hair color should complement each other, and not vice versa. We will consider the main hairstyles and what shade suits them.

  • Four of a kind. Natural and rich shades on the square are the trend of the season. It is not necessary to radically change the color of hair. Enough to slightly “enhance” your natural tone.
  • Cascade. This is a universal haircut. Almost any hair color looks good. Do not limit yourself to one shade, combine a couple of colors at the same time. Ombre, balayazh, highlighting will make the image multifaceted. Avoid only coloring. Dyeing, where many colors are used, will make the hairstyle inaccurate.
  • Pixies. Short haircuts are preferred by creative girls. Stylists advise them to look at the bright colors: pink, emerald, red. Highlighting and coloring will add a twist.
  • Haircut with shaved temples. Hair of chestnut, blue-black or fiery red color will suit such a hairstyle. In 2020 – 2021, patterns on the shaved part are relevant. Extravagant ladies paint individual curls in purple, yellow, red, pink colors. For women with blond hair, a haircut is not suitable.
  • “Hedgehog”. On ultra-short haircuts rare women decide. Ashy, metallic, platinum shades, stylists offer extraordinary girls.
  • With a slanting bang. Bangs will not spoil any hair color, on the contrary, it will complement it. You have the right to play with its painting. The actual difference in hair color and bangs. New items 2020 – 2021 – pixel coloring and highlighting several strands of bangs in color shades.

New Hair Color Trends 2020

It is worth changing hair color not only in summer but also in winter, as there will be new trends in the new year. If you have not yet found your ideal hair color for 2020, we recommend that you look at the trends in dyeing that will prevail throughout the next year. Yes, all of them are good both for winter and for the warm season, but the best part is that they are all very easy to care after staining. This means that you can refresh your old balayazh or renew the blonde without mandatory monthly meetings with the colorist.

We show five trends in hair color in 2020, which, according to forecasts of professionals, will be worn by all fashionista next year.

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