Top 12 Stylish Hair Color Trends to Try In 2021


Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon

If you are looking for warmer and multifaceted shades of transitions, then in the new year, pay attention to chocolate-copper overflows. They are ideal for both redheads and blondes and brunettes. If the basis for coloring is a natural dark brown or chocolate tone, the warm highlights of the cinnamon shade give the color depth and texture, visually rejuvenating the face. At the same time, such staining looks as natural as possible.

Strawberries with honey

Trendy pink shades will change a little in 2020. It seems that here it was not without the main color of Pantone 2019 – coral. So, all pink tones, fashionable in 2019, strawberry will have a touch of warmth. Gentle peach, strawberry-honey shades are perfect for natural blondes and transform clarified hair. Plus, blond’s warm tones are easier to maintain than platinum.

Dark Chocolate with Wheat Highlights

After the 2018 obsession with rich, dark shades, it is expected that in 2020 you will notice a surge of more muted tones. The classic, chocolate brown can and should be enhanced with light wheat flare, which will give curls texture and volume. Such wheat glare looks especially good on girls with pale skin with a pink undertones, as they will help neutralize the redness of the face.

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