Top 12 Stylish Hair Color Trends to Try In 2021


Vanilla ice cream

If you went all year with a platinum blond, but are not quite ready to part with your signature image, choose a shade of vanilla ice cream. The roots of the hair should be a little darker (preferably a natural light shade or wheaten tone), and the ends should be lightened to platinum or vanilla-white. Such shades help give the face a more youthful appearance, as the hair will look much more natural. Well, you know how natural blondes burn their hair out in the sun? So, the idea is precisely to create a similar effect.

Chestnut with caramel highlights

Classic chestnut or light brown shades are easy to transform and improve with a few caramel strands. The example of Miranda Kerr shows how to easily create a coloring that rejuvenates, and at the same time do not change your natural (or basic) hair color. The model has already kept up with the new trend, adding a couple of caramel flares to the face with golden flares. The best part about this type of staining is that it is easy to maintain, especially if you have a natural shade as the basis. By the way, caramel highlights look great on fair hair, adding depth and texture to them.

Short Hair Color Trends 2020

You have to keep up with fashion, its trends are changing very quickly. Fashionable and relevant in 2020 are short colored hair.

We will tell you which hair shades are fashionable this season, and which coloring techniques are the most popular. If you are looking for a fashionable shade for your hair, then today you will definitely make your choice. Do not forget that you can get a high-quality bright result only with the help of a professional master. Love your hair, do not experiment on them. So that your hair has a beautiful rich shade, take care of their health, carry out the healing procedure before dyeing your strands.

It’s time to move on to the shades popular for short hair in 2020.

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