Top 12 Stylish Hair Color Trends to Try In 2021


Hit of the season – silver tint

It is for short hair that stylists recommend giving preference to the silver shade of the strands. To it in a couple you can add a shade of platinum or ashen. To create a bright coloring on the hair, you can combine silver color with shades of pearl blond. If you have fair skin and gray or blue eyes, then this is ideal for you. A silver shade on the hair will set you apart from the crowd, and will give your image a bright, high-quality dynamism. Because of its unusualness, silver color is not suitable for everyone, but only for determined and courageous girls under 30 years old.

Light brown hair

For a very long time, light brown hair was out of fashion, considered gray and inexpressive. But 2020 is their year, a combination of light brown with a shade of platinum, and also with shades of pearls, will be fashionable this season.

But the most sought-after trend is shades of brown hair with mother of pearl. The shade of mother of pearl dominates both in manicure and in hairstyles. Coloring of a pair of mother-of-pearl with a touch of light brown will look attractively bright if supplemented with an ashen color.

Caramel Shades

To create a warm shade of hair, you need a caramel tone. It will be more relevant for dark skin with brown eyes. They will become the most popular in the summer, combined with a variety of shades of milk chocolate, wheat-blond and peach flowers.

Staining techniques

Fashionable dyeing techniques for short hair will be ombre and balayazh. Ombre with a soft transition of light shades to darker with fashionable natural hair colors.

Balayazh looks great on brown hair and captivates with its seductiveness on brown. A relatively new technique with the application of light colors, forms the beauty of the glare of the effect of burnt hair.

3D technology

Recently, volumetric hair coloring has become popular. A relatively new and growing 3D hair coloring technology will help add depth of color to your hair, making it look dynamic and attractive.

2020 offers us the incredibility of bright shades for coloring short strands of hair. A huge color palette, among which shades of ash, pearl and mother-of-pearl colors claim to be the first in this year. Stylists note the predominance of light shades of hair that will look stunningly paired with chocolate-caramel tones.


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