10 best trendy short hair


7. Short Asymmetrical Gray-Blonde Pixie Cut with Shaved Side

10 best trendy short hair

Ash-blonde, silver-blonde, gray blonde, and virtually any variation of a cool-toned blonde shade are all vary in style according to the current trends for women’s hairstyles and fashion.

Shaved sides and undercuts are also currently topping the trend charts. This means that this gray-blonde pixie cut with shaved sides gets extra trend points. This pixie is daring yet cute and flirty yet polished, making it the perfect office-friendly hairstyle for a professional setting.

8. Sleek Angled Blonde Pixie Cut with Micro Bangs

10 best trendy short hair

Trendy and office-friendly styles are all about blending sleekness and polish with bolder accents that define these trendy hairstyles and give them their one-of-a-kind character.

This sleek angled blonde pixie cut embodies this ideal balance. It features asymmetrical angled layers and micro bangs, all of which are polished with a sleek finish. Pair this asymmetrical pixie with a bold lip like the red lipstick in the picture above for an attention-grabbing finish.

9. Classic Brunette Pixie Cut with Long Side Bangs

10 best trendy short hair

Long side bangs add polished professionalism to any hairstyle–including this classic brunette pixie.

Subtle highlights give this brunette pixie cut to dimension and help it appear more voluminous. Angles and pointed layers add dimension and help balance out the sleek finish of this pixie with a daring, feminine flair.

10. Undercut Brunette Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

10 best trendy short hair

You might be concerned about showing off a bold undercut in your office. However, this undercut brunette pixie blends together sleek, polished style with a daring undercut. This creates a balanced, office-friendly look that can’t be described as unprofessional.

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