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The Best Sneakers for Your Holiday

Are you planning to go on a holiday? Don’t forget to choose the right pair of sneakers. On the other hand, don’t choose the wrong sneakers, or your holiday will become a nightmare. You may end up with blisters all over your feet. 

We have selected some of the best sneakers for your holiday, so you can have a good time.

Top 8 Sneakers for Your Holiday Reviewed

  1. Adidas Swift Run 
Best Sneakers
Adidas Swift Run

The Adidas Swift Run is a sweet treat for women who love sneakers. The shoe’s design belongs to the ’80s era and is back with a modern twist. 

The 100% rubber shoes are easily washable in the washing machine. The lace close-ups shoes come with a metal frame. The perfect shoes to take on your holidays. These black running shoes are good for climbing and workout routines.


  • Very comfortable.
  • The OrthoLite sock liner cushions the feet.


  • Not suitable for people with wider feet.
Best Sneakers
Adidas Originals Women’s Stan Smith
  1. Adidas Originals Women’s Stan Smith

The iconic Stan Smith inspires the Adidas original sneakers. The timeless design of the shoes is made from recycled materials. These shoes offer style with comfort. The synthetic upper sole is made from high-quality recycled materials. 

The lace close-up makes it easy to walk, run or climb. The rubber cup sole gives the right amount of grip. Join the campaign to end plastic waste. 


  • Good grip prevents slipping.
  • Environment-friendly manufacturing.


  • Fundamental design
  1. Nike Women’s Court Legacy

Made with durable fabric, these Nike Women Court shoes are a must-have in your wardrobe. The soft material gives a super relaxed feeling while running or working out.

Best Sneakers
Nike Women Court

These extra fast sneakers feature leather with heritage stitching. They come with a mini-Swoosh design that combines sport and fashion. These ultra-white shoes look amazing and are a perfect fit for holidays.


  • The shoes look sleek and stylish
  • They are very comfortable.


  • They offer little to no arch support.
  1. Nike Women’s Viale Space Dye (Td) Sneaker
Best Sneakers
Nike women’s Viale sneakers

The Nike women’s Viale sneakers are made from 100% leather. They are designed for toddlers and little girls. The bright upper mesh is light and breathable. The rubber sole gives it a strong grip making it easy.

These amazing shoes for kids are easy to put on and off. The foam presents midsole cushions the foot, making it ideal for your toddlers. Order one for your kid now and let them run the whole day freely.


  • Easy to put on and off
  • lightweight and easily washable


  • They are only available in kid’s size
  1. Bogover Women’s Running Shoes
Best Sneakers

The BOGOVER Women shoes are made using an air cushion design. They are lightweight and cushions the feet well. The ample space in front of the shoes allows the free movement of the toes. 

The upper sole is made of breathable and lightweight material. It is double knitted, which gives it good elasticity. The memory foam cushions the feet giving you a relaxed feeling. The amazing shoes are designed for running, walking, and hiking. 


  • The lightweight material is suitable for running
  • The non-slip outsole prevents slipping.


  • The sole is too soft.
  1. Gslmoln Women Walking Shoes 

These casual fashion sneakers are perfect for women out there. The durable shoes are anti-slip and built to run and walk. The lightweight upper mesh allows free mobility of your toes.

Best Sneakers
GSLMOLN Womens Walking Shoes Mesh

The hollow blade sole provides maximum cushioning. The slip-on ankle design helps you easily put on and off your sneakers. Pair them with any sport or casual assemble to provide fashion with comfort. 


  • Anti-Slip sole
  • Available in many colors
  • Very comfortable


  • Very little arch support 
  1. Puma Women’s Softride Sophia Slip Shoes

The Softride Sophia Slip shoes by Puma are an exciting addition to the women’s collection. Like the name, the softride foam with the soft footbed cushions your feet to give well-rounded comfort. 

Best Sneakers
PUMA Women’s Softride Sophia Slip on Running Shoe

The easy slip-on helps you put on your shoes in no time. The outsole comes with a lightweight material to ensure easy movement. With the bold cat engraved on the shoes, these shoes are a true fashion icon. 


  • High arch soles for active running.
  • Zoned rubber gives comfort while walking


  • The soft upper sole doesn’t protect against water.
  1. Puma Prowl Micro Women’s Sneaker
Best Sneakers
PUMA Prowl Slip-On Shine Micro Women’s Sneaker

The white silver PUMA shoes are gorgeous to look at. They are designed for women who love staying outdoors. Easy on and off without the hassle of lacing up.

The lightweight and flexible sole makes running and climbing easy. The soft foam with the footbed inside prevents blistering on your feet. They are so comfortable that you can wear them the whole day.


  • Easily washable.
  • Slip-on style.


  • No color availability


These sneakers for women are designed to be multipurpose. With a timeless look and great comfort, these shoes are best to take on your holidays. They come in many colors and blend well with your casual attire. The lightweight design makes running, climbing or hiking easy without fearing blisters or discomfort. Order a pair now and enjoy a fulfilled holiday with these amazing sneakers.

Top 20 Trendiest Hair Accessories in 2022

Hair accessories are the perfect addition to any outfit. They upgrade the entire look of an individual creating the perfect vibe. Hair accessories can make you look chic and give you a luxurious, sleek look.

Dive in to look at the top 20 trendiest hair accessories in 2022.

Top 20 Trendiest Hair Accessories

1.   Scrunchies:


It’s no surprise that most fashionistas are now attempting to expand their fashion horizons around the 1990s when ladies were frequently spotted wearing enormous scrunchies to accentuate their hair. The effortlessly chic organza scrunchies are gaining the limelight among all the hair and beauty enthusiasts nowadays. The super-duper ones are almost transparent, our favorites, but the shiny, glitzy ones are also on the shopping list.

2.   Claw Clips:

Celebrities like Kardashians are responsible for bringing the ‘nineties hair claws with dainty style back into style. More exquisite claw clips are now designed with delicate embellishments and lovely golden finishes.

Claw Clips
Claw Clips

3.   Fuzzy Bucket Hat:

For the last few years, fuzzy bucket hats are becoming a trend. They’re about to become the hottest hat trends for this year and the upcoming years.

4.   Goth Cowboy Hats:

It is believed that goth clothing and accessories will become popular in 2022. Consider the following: dark, strange, or downright brutal. Goth cowboy hats are going to uplift your game!

5.   Checkered Print Hair Accessories:

Printed accessories make you look gorgeous! They are available in different colors and designs, enhancing the look of your hair.

6.   Pearly Clips:

Pearly clips have banged last year and will continue this year too! They are back from the 90’s trends, making you look incredibly gorgeous!

Baseball Caps
Baseball Cap

7.   Baseball Caps:

These caps have been in trend in the past, and they are also trending this year because they are simple. You can easily carry them, and they offer a minimalistic look!

8.   Mini Claw Clips:

We understand if you have plenty of claw clips but bear with us. Tiny claw clips are the coolest thing this year, too. They look gorgeous!

9.   Headbands:

In 2022, all types of headbands are trending, whether studded or braided. You can wear your favorite headband or swap up your headbands. It relies entirely on your overall appearance.


10.  Hair-Kerchief:

It is a classic 60’s style which makes all ladies look gorgeous! You can achieve the retro style look by wrapping the head with a small printed or monochrome piece of cloth!

11.  Face Framing Barrettes For Hair Clips:

Get that slick, classy look with the addition of barrettes and hair clips. This year, these are trending as you can plunk them on the side or secure the headscarf, creating a fun, balanced look!

12.  Barrettes:

This hair clip style, which was prominent in the 1960s and then came back in the 1990s, has been very popular with several designers this season. Many designers also chose to embrace this logomania trend, using a sculptural approach, where the clips are designed to seem like paper clips and rocks.


13.  Wide Headband:

The days of carrying broad headbands on hand solely for physical activities or facials are long gone. This accessory has been elevated to the status of an ensemble component, giving you a luxurious, attractive look!

14.  XL Clips:

Don’t the clips constantly keep on growing bigger and bigger? In the year 2022, they’re bigger and prettier than ever, with rhinestones as well as pearls adorning them. Slay the chic look while parting your hair on the side and flaunting the incredible look.

15.  Stacking Clip Look:

Clips never go out of style; however, the amount we wear changes the look. This year, try stacking different clips while giving you an extraordinary look with all eyes staring at you!

16.  Creative Bobby Pin Designs:

You’ve probably used bobby pins when you were a kid, and yet this year, designers have elevated this long-time hair accessory from mundane to obsession-worthy. Bobby pins with delicate decorations or even playful designs are ideal. Bobby pins with bright colors or stunning shine should suffice if you’re looking for something basic.

17.  Fashion Bow Accessory:

The days of a hair bow signaling childish style are gone forever. Several designers and influencers have demonstrated this feminine hairstyle. You can wear the bow throughout adulthood and enhance the look of an ensemble when dressed appropriately. Since you’re feeling particularly daring, pair one with the swimwear for a touch of warm-weather shine that will easily transform you.

18.  Alligator Clips:

Wear the ever-stylish alligator clip to flaunt the incredible look. The possibilities are unlimited, whether you want to invoke vintage style by wearing a giant version to fix a simple hairdo or mini ones that playfully frame the face. Choose a mesmerizing design that looks sleek and modern on a classic hairstyle to add a twist.

Hair Ties
Hair Ties

19. Hair Ties:

Conventional hair ties have their place, but for fashionable hair accessories, go for an elastic hair tie with a decorative element. Designers frequently use a striking metallic element linked to the band or miniature pearls, giving a flawless look of tying your hairstyle into something trendy. Look stylish with these hair ties!

20.  Statement Headpiece:

When we talk about dramatic headpieces, rhinestone-studded headpieces serve as a luxurious alternative for individuals eager to make a style statement look. At the same time, sleek yet sculptural pieces fit more to modern tastes.

Final Words:

Get your hands on the stunning, trendiest hair accessories in 2022 and flaunt the look in public! Make your statement appearance with the trending accessories that we have listed above!

Best Hair Treatment Products

Great hair always reflects a great personality and boosts confidence. Tangled, frizzy, and unmanageable hair is never a good sight. Therefore, give your hair some extra care and treatment because it deserves it.

Let’s consider a few good products that are worth a try.

Product Reviews:

1.    Moroccanoil Treatment

Argan oil is a very beneficial and subtle product. It is great for hair and is the main constituent of Moroccanoil Treatment. The essential nutrients guarantee healthy hair and extraordinary shine.


It is great for styling or to boost the dull look. Needs a small amount to be applied on the strands and style away as you like. Blow-dry, curl or comb through and feel a new refreshed look every day.

Condition your hair to smooth away the frizz and settle the flyaways. Apply to your damp hair and reduce the overall blow-drying time as well.

Achieve up to 118% more shine and flaunt your luxurious hair with confidence.


  • Great for all hair types.
  • Small amount needed per use.
  • Excellent fragrance.
  • Lesser blow-drying time.


  • Pricey.

2.    Desert Beauty – Premium Argan Oil For Hair

Another argan oil product to make your hair all bouncy. Dryness of hair always results in split ends and unmanageable frizz. This serum contains argan oil that softens the hair and hydrates it. The hydration then reduces the dull and dry hair to soft and smooth shiny hair.

The serum also hydrates the scalp. The extra nourishment comes from coconut oil and jojoba oil. The antioxidant-rich serum contains some natural ingredients as well. Together the formula works to produce luxurious healthy-looking hair.

Argan Oil

Another main aspect of this serum is that it is not at all greasy. Mixed with many different oils like argan, coconut, and jojoba, it is still non-oily. It is lightweight and absorbs into the hair, and requires a very tiny amount for application.

No toxic chemicals and additives or preservatives are used in making this oil. Desert Beauty believes in cruelty-free and a safe environment approach while making its products. Enjoy the chemical-free hair care routine with this argan oil-infused serum. Condition your dry hair, maintain the softness and prevent hair loss altogether.


  • 100% Money back guarantee.
  • Removes dryness, frizz, and split ends.
  • Restores softness and shine.
  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Organic ingredients.


  • Contains silicon as an ingredient as well.

3.    Pura D’or Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

A treatment serum for daily use and hair protection. The Pura D’or organic argan oil is formulated to prevent damage to your hair. Prolonged exposure to the sun and the polluted environment always harm your hair. This oil forms an antioxidant layer on your scalp that not just protects but also prevents further damage.

Moreover, it also offers excellent conditioning and hydration. The argan oil is known to restore shine promote hair elasticity which prevents breakage. And Vitamin E, along with the fatty acids present in the serum, acts as food for the hair. The increased moisture levels reduce frizz and flyaways. The anti-inflammatory properties of the argan oil also help in preventing scalp infections and itching.

The Pura D’or also works best as prevention against aging. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can also be reduced. Proving to be an excellent anti-aging booster too. The moisturizing and repairing properties of argan oil make the skin softer, nourished, and supple. The non-greasy texture is easy to absorb and leaves no sign of oil on the skin.

It is also recommended for very dry and chapped skin. An excellent treatment for cracked heels and hands and brittle nails. Feel the difference and enjoy a healthy skin and hair score with this Liquid Gold.


  • USDA Organic Certified.
  • Best anti-aging formula.
  • Good for hair, skin, face, and nails.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Not suitable for oily skin.

4.    Cliganic Organic Argan Oil

Argan Oil

This 100% organic cold-pressed argan oil has no additives. Manufactured to guarantee no dilution of any fragrance, alcohol, or additives. The formula is an excellent multi-purpose oil for hair, face, and skin. It works great to reduce scalp dryness and hair frizz. It also boosts hair growth and caters to reviving the shine in your hair.

From dull to bouncy and strong, healthy hair, argan oil does wonders.

Devise new formulas like shampoos, hair sprays, conditioners, and hair masks using Cliganic Organic Argan oil. The naturally extracted oil works on sensitive skin without any side effects. Its smooth, lightweight texture makes it easy to absorb whether used on the hair or skin.

Works as a great skin moisturizer and reviver as well.


  • Chemical-free and additive-free.
  • Cruelty-free certification.
  • USDA Organic certified.
  • Beneficial for hair, face, and skin.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • If you admire the Argan oil smell, then this formula is completely odorless.

5.    Argan Oil For Hair And Skin From Kate Blanc Cosmetics

Argan Oil

Kate Blanc cosmetics presents an authentic and pure Moroccan Argan Oil. This Virgin Cold Pressed argan oil is guaranteed to be unrefined and hexane-free. It is the perfect mate for restoring dull and damaged hair.

The oil penetrates deep, leaving your hair non-greasy for flawless-looking hair. The oil also specializes in protecting the scalp and the hair from everyday exposure.

Sun rays, dust, smoke pollution, and cold, dry winds all ruin your hair. An organic and natural treatment to remove frizz split ends and have manageable hair to flaunt confidently.

A great formula for skincare as well. Reduces blemishes, nourishes your skin, moisturizes it, and takes care of many skin issues.

Best for any skin type and great for both males and females. It is also good for your nails as it contains vitamin E. An all-in-one treatment for your hair and your skin.

In Conclusion:

Argan oil is one of the most beneficial oils available in nature. The more organically it is extracted and used, the better results it provides.

And being a great treatment formula for hair, it is also an excellent skincare ingredient. Choose the best brand that appeals to you and gives the treatment and care your hair deserves.

Best Short Curly Silver Hairstyles


Short curly silver hairstyles are best for attaining that bold, chic look. You can show off the incredible silver hairstyle whether you are 20 or 60. There are several ways to wear short curly silver hairstyles in 2021. So, you can choose the one which looks cool on you. Have a look at the stunning hairstyles with the silver look.

  1. Curly pixie-bob with highlights in grey:

Grey short curly hairstyles look trendy and give you a dramatic look. This pixie bob, when combined with grey highlights, makes you stand out amongst your friends. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Curly hair mohawk having shaved stripe:

You can experiment with this one of the best edgy short silver hairstyles that looks cool on you. If you plan on going for a daring, trendy look, this one is definitely for you. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Asymmetrical curly pixie:

If you can deal with the medium-size hair look, you can opt for one of these short hairstyles: silver hair. This hairstyle looks voluminous and makes you look stunning amongst others. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Messy curly grey pixie:

If you are looking for edgy short silver hairstyles, you can opt for a comfortable yet chic hairstyle. Get comfortable with this trendy look which looks incredible on you.  

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Curly layered pixie having undercut:

If you are seeking short curly silver hairstyles that look edgy with an undercut. Go for this option where you can have layers with volume in your hair. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Curly blonde with gray bob:

For people seeking short silver bob hairstyles, this hairstyle looks great on you. The blonde look of the bob looks cool on you, which makes you stand out amongst others. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Shaggy bob having gray highlights:

For people seeking short curly silver hairstyles, this shaggy bob with gray highlights gives you a youthful look. Add various layers to your bob with this stunning, stylish look. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Shaggy curly gray bob:

For people who love partial highlights, they can have a shaggy curly gray lob. The different color splashes in your hair make your face frame look stunning. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Short curly white blonde:

For all those who love short silver-grey hairstyles, they can also opt for white blonde hues bringing an air of sophistication to your overall personality.  

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Fun curly gray:

Flaunt your beautiful curls, with the adorable hair color showing the youthful personality. For an affordable, easy style, this stunning hairstyle is a perfect choice. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Mid-length gray hairstyle:

Get yourself this soft, curly gray hair look that is easily manageable, and you can attain all stylish looks with this curly silver hairstyle. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Curled layers in medium gray hairstyle:

This one is the perfect blend of lowlights and highlights for all those seeking the best short curly hairstyles. In addition, this hairstyle adds dimensions to your simple hairstyle.

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Curly brown hair in medium length:

Gray hair is not about sacrifice. It’s all about having a perfect color and texture in medium-length hair. This hairstyle looks appealing on your face, uplifting the entire personality. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Curly hair having nape undercut:

For all those women seeking a style statement look on an everyday basis, you can opt for curly hair with a nape undercut.

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Colored curly hair:

If you are seeking a trendy hairstyle with a textured effect. It is a must-try hairstyle that looks bold on your personality. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Shaggy hairstyle:

This stylish, effortless look gives a volumized look complimenting the entire look of your personality. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Curly, short hair having bangs:

Styling the curls with bangs makes you look stylish with a messy texture. In addition, this hairstyle looks great and is easy to carry. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. White medium-short, curly hair:

This stylish look cools great and is a perfect combination of different tones that suit curly hair leading to the extra volume. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Short, pixie, curly hairstyle 

Go for it if you want a neat haircut to flaunt the messy curls with a short pixie hairstyle. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Extreme short hairstyle with curls:

If you are a person who loves an extra short haircut that makes you feel comfortable, this hairstyle is perfect for you.  

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Cropped fluffy hairstyle with bangs:

This curly hairstyle with bangs on all hair lengths looks great, and you can experiment with this look which delivers confidence and uplifts the mood. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Red curly hairstyle:

This fiery hairstyle gives you retro vibes and enhances the overall classic personality. For all those who love quirky, modern looks, this one is perfect for you. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Curly hairstyle with cropped bangs:

For people who love bold, trendy hairstyles, this one enhances the french charm offering a classy, elegant look with a captivating personality. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Soft curly hairstyle with bangs:

This hairstyle is a perfect beauty for your eyes, giving your personality a stunning look. In addition, such a hairstyle gives a graceful look to your overall personality highlighting the entire face with a perfect reflection of cheekbones.

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Curly bob short hairstyle:

This hairstyle is for all those who want a simple-looking hairdo that is perfect for an on-the-go routine. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles

  1. Messy curls with short bangs:

For ladies who want a creative hairstyle suiting their vivid personality, these bangs and curls make you look outstanding in the entire crowd. 

Short Curly Silver Hairstyles


Silver is the trendy, bold hairstyle look that makes you look sophisticated and bold while uplifting the entire facial look. We have listed some everyday hair looks that make you look incredible.

What Is The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

With people aging to 50 years, they usually wonder what is the best hairstyle for over 50. It is because 50 is the age where you need to look sophisticated and mesmerizing at the same time. To help you come up with stylish, modern looks even if you are 50, we have compiled some of the best hairstyles for you.

What is the best hairstyle for over 50?

As women, we are always wondering about keeping ourselves updated with the stunning hairstyle looks.

People usually get embarrassed with their grey hair and start experimenting with different colors, but this should not be the case as grey suits your personality.

So, those who wonder what is the best hairstyle for a 50-year-old woman should dive in to have a look.

Pixie bob hair look:

This stunning short bob looks mesmerizing on people who have long chubby faces as this gives them an extra edge. add a perfect touch to your personality by choosing the edgy short silver hairstyles.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Shaggy lob:

If you seek easy hairstyles for over 50, then a shaggy lob hairstyle will do justice to your face and give your face that beautiful touch. have a youthful feel with this hairstyle that makes you look incredible.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Wavy Hairstyle:

If you seek an angled bob or short curly silver hairstyle, this one is definitely for you. You can opt for beachy waves and add a perfect flaunting look to your overall face.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Layered bob:

This hairstyle is for all those who love casual, trendy hairstyles over their face. Incorporate different colors in this hairstyle to achieve that chic look.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Asymmetrical cut:

For all those who are looking out for easy short silver hairstyles. This cut is stunning. Just sweep the hair on one side and look incredible.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Layered haircut with bangs:

This is the all-time favorite, chic look that works well for people who have medium-length hair. This layered haircut deserves to be called the beautiful haircut, a perfect combination of sophistication and beauty.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Bob with the side bangs:

You can opt for this cut for short silver bob hairstyles to manage the side bangs and give your face a stunning look. Feel beautiful with this stylish hairstyle that gives volume to your hair.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Shaggy cut:

For all those people who love short silver-grey hairstyles that add volume and give you a funky look. You can try having this haircut which looks stunning.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Feather haircut:

For people seeking short curly silver hairstyles, the feather haircut adds a length to the round face.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Short silver bob:

For people who are seeking short silver bob hairstyles, this bob haircut adds a perfect look to your overall personality. You need to settle down with this short haircut which looks great with all your wardrobe styles.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Round bob with wispy bangs:

This one will add an edgy yet elegant look for those who love indulging in short silver hair.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Medium length bob:

If you seek versatile hairstyles for over 50, this one will add volume and give you that chic look. You can also upgrade this look by incorporating different shades of colors.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

A-line bob:

This hairstyle is the one that is effortless to maintain for all those who want low-maintenance hairstyles, plus the one that boosts confidence than this one for you.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Long, blonde bob:

This haircut was created to give your face a bouncy look with a perfect blonde bob. Achieve that extra sleek, chic look at the age of 50 with this incredible hair look.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Stacked bob:

This stacked bob will upgrade the entire look with a youthful appearance for all those looking for a fun-filled hairstyle.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Salt and pepper bob:

This hairstyle is perfect for women who have thick hair. This hairstyle goes well with all textures, allowing you to hold the shape in place, especially curly hair, easily.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Choppy bob plus bangs:

This long choppy bob and the bangs give your chubby face a perfect look with a framing effect of bangs on top.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Sweeping layers with medium hair length:

If you are not into styling your hair regularly, you can opt for the sweeping layers to comb your hair and get ready to go.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Ombre style:

This stunning ombre-style hair look will give you an overall brighter look with a graceful personality. Add a perfect depth with a youthful edge to your facial appearance.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Shoulder length hairstyle with baby bangs:

If you have a thin, long face, you can add fullness with this incredible hairstyle for over 50. This stunning look goes well with all personalities.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

tapered cut neck length haircut:

If you are willing to have a modern twist to your conventional hairstyle. Then add a perfect lfit to the crown area with the layers. The highlights or lowlights in this haircut make you look professional.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Messy pixie hair bob:

If you don’t like the polished, neat look, then this hair bob will make you feel popular amongst your group. It gives you a stylish feel with a perfect balance of the face.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Bold, spicy pixie:

for all ladies seeking bold color that complements the minimalistic cut, this pixie hairstyle is perfect. Go for sassy spikes in this haircut to get that edgy look.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Two-tone bob:

For people over the ’50s, you need a hassle-free, cropped bob look that comes with a sleek layered look. In addition, it comes with a sophisticated balayage look that goes well with personalities.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50

Wavy lob:

For ladies over 50 who like modern haircuts, this stylish, sleek look gives a youthful touch. Maintain this stunning hairstyle in the simplest way.

The Best Hairstyle For Over 50


No more worries about you reaching the 50’s as we have got you covered with incredible hairstyles. Choose the one that goes well with your personality, offering you a good look!

Should You Use Bath Towels On Your Face?

Bath towels and face towels have different uses, but many people conveniently combine them into one, and this doesn’t seem to be a good habit.

After bathing, many people often use a towel to wipe their face. This seemingly harmless action actually contains quite a lot of risk of harming your skin. If you want to know what those problems are, let’s quickly refer to the following article.


Towels are often stored in the bathroom – a place with high humidity, which is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. When you dry your face with a towel, you’re unknowingly “transferring” all these bacteria onto your skin. So don’t be surprised if your skin breaks out and clogged pores when you often have the habit of wiping your face with a towel.


Should You Use Bath Towels On Your Face?

Towels are often made by rough fabrics while face skin is thin that needs gentle care. Using a towel to dry your face can create small tears in the skin, making it more susceptible to infection and wrinkles. Besides, after many times of washing towels, the fabric will become brittle and dry. Using such a rough cloth to wipe your face is like creating a strong friction force on the skin, causing the skin to show signs of aging faster.


Because some materials of towels may not be suitable for facial skin. So, wiping your face with a towel can cause redness and irritation, and can even cause inflammation for sensitive skin.


It’s a matter of fact that towels are rough, so using them to dry your face can strip away the natural oils that your skin needs. When this oil layer is lost, the sebaceous glands below the skin’s surface will have to produce more oil to balance the dryness of the skin, resulting in oily skin.


Drying your face with a towel may seem like a normal thing, but in fact, this action will make it impossible for your skin to fully absorb the essence of the products you are applying. Moisturizers will penetrate the skin well when the skin is moist. Therefore, you should limit drying your face too much so that the skin can absorb the cosmetics in the best way.

Dermatologists recommend that we should separate face towels and bath towels, using each for a certain purpose. Bath towels are used to dry the body and hair, while face towels are only used to wipe the face. Compared to the body skin, the face skin is more sensitive and prone to damage. What’s more, the facial skin also secretes more oil and sebum than all other areas of the skin which needs a separate towel to clean and dry.


You should choose a towel with soft material and not too dry to avoid damaging the skin. Also, you should absolutely not use the towel right after buying it, because at this time there will be dust left in the towel during the production process. In addition, after washing your face, you should use a soft towel to gently absorb the water. Don’t wipe your skin vigorously because it will make the skin prone to redness, and irritate the skin cells.

Should You Use Bath Towels On Your Face?


Body towels, as well as face towels, contain a lot of bacteria and dirt. Therefore, you must wash your face towels regularly at least every 2 days or after each use. You should soak the towel in saltwater for about 10 minutes, then wash and rub it thoroughly with soap and then wash it again with clean water to keep it clean. After washing, do not forget to dry in a sunny, ventilated place.

10 Ways To Take Care of Damaged Nails

Thin, weak, soft nails are the result of a lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet. Sometimes, health signs on the nails show you signs of serious diseases like diabetes or heart disease that you might be having. Therefore, taking care of your nails and avoiding bad agents also contributes to your health.

  1. Soak your nails in olive oil

For thin and weak nails, you should soak in extra virgin olive oil for 10-15 minutes a day,do it continuously for 1 month, then gradually reduce it to just 2 times a week. This is an inexpensive way to help your nails become healthier.

  1. Use nail cream

Using a cream extracted from honey and lemon will help nourish damaged nail cuticles. You can gently and evenly rub around the nails before going to bed and massage gently.

  1. Wear gloves when doing housework
10 Ways To Take Care of Damaged Nails

You should wear gloves while cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning the house or garden. Detergents are the cause of dry and rough nails. Besides, sandy soil and bacteria easily cause dirt and damage to your nails.

  1. Use products and supplement nutrients for nails

Nail care and nutrition products with rich sources of minerals, proteins, and antioxidants help restore damaged, dry and showing signs of peeling and splitting nails. This protective layer also protects the nails from external damage.

  1. Add biotin-rich foods

Add biotin-rich foods to your diet such as liver, eggs, whole-grain rice, cauliflower, avocados, etc. Abundant biotin will help keep your nails healthy and less prone to breakage.

  1. Don’t abuse your nails

Sometimes as a habit, you use your nails to open a can of water, pick up vegetables or dial a phone number… all of this will damage your nails in the long run. Instead, you should use pens or other items instead.

  1. Provide daily vitamins

Vitamins are essential for the synthesis of nutrients to keep nails healthy and shiny. Lack of vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium can cause dry, brittle nails. Supplement with vitamins, protein-rich foods to help your nails stronger.

  1. Avoid using a lot of bleach solutions or nail polish

When you paint your nails and want to change, avoid using nail polish remover. You should only use it once or twice a month. Also, you should absolutely stay away from nail polish removers containing acetone or compounds that cause dryness and damage to nails.

10 Ways To Take Care of Damaged Nails
  1. Nail massage

Nail massage helps stimulate blood circulation to that area, stimulating nails to grow and become healthier. After washing your hands, you can use a moisturizer to massage your hands and nail area.

  1. Drink lots of water

Water is important to human health and helps nails avoid drying, maintains moisture not only for nails but also for skin, hair, and many other parts.

4 Tips To Make Dimples Quickly and Naturally

What are dimples?

First of all, dimples are a beautiful facial feature that is a result of a muscle deformity. Dimples are a genetically inherited trait but there actually exist a lot of ways to get dimples naturally. 

There are two types of dimples: on the cheek and chin, and their nature is different. It is quite difficult to create natural dimples on the chin as they are caused by a crack in the chin. The dimples in the cheek are no less complicated, but you can “teach” your muscles to create dimples. Some people have a dimple only on one side. 

Below are some tips on how to get dimples naturally, with no harm to skin, teeth, etc.

4 Tips To Make Dimples Quickly and Naturally

Tip #1. Press and hold

This is another folk tip to get dimples fast. This tip will help you put the dimples on as quickly as a gown for some significant event. 

How to apply it? Firstly you need to determine the deepest point of your cheeks. Then, put your thumb tips on these points and hold for 30 minutes. Remember to perform this skin dimpling exercise before going to sleep or when getting ready for an event. Also, you can use the forefinger or pencil to make it somewhat easier. Don’t forget to cut your nails to avoid damaging your skin

Tip #2. Perform cheek exercises

Similar to body muscles, facial muscles can be trained. By making some unsophisticated grimaces, it is possible to get those desirable dimples. 

Make a face like you are eating lemon or something very sour. If you can simulate this expression easily, no need to eat a lemon. Don’t clench your teeth but tighten the lips together. As this procedure is aimed at getting the naturally-looking dimples, try not to overdue on puckering your lips and pulling your cheeks in. 

This method is a folk remedy, and it is not supported by any scientific evidence but doing cheek exercises is claimed to be helpful.

Tip #3. Smile wide! 

4 Tips To Make Dimples Quickly and Naturally

It’s thought that getting dimples in a few minutes is impossible, however, smiling is considered the safest and the most natural way to get dimples in the long run. It’s not only an effective remedy for stress but a cool beauty enhancement tool. In order to get the most out of this tip, you should smile widely but naturally. 

It’s quite true that the dimples developed by smiling are easy to disappear, so you might need to apply this tip quite often. 

Tip4. Apply makeup

Dimples usually have some moon shape looking like a dot crossing a line. You can use a brown pencil eyeliner or eyebrow pencil, or draw your desired dimples yourself. Don’t you use black and colored eyeliners that don’t make the skin look natural. Once the dot is marked, draw a small, slightly curved line. The final step is to blend and redraw if needed to make it appear as subtle and natural as possible.

It can’t be denied that dimples make people look more adorable. Many people including celebrities spend a lot of money to get this distinctive feature. Here, we are sharing a few useful, safe, and cost-free tips on how to make dimples with those who are not born with them. Hope, they help! 

10 Benefits of A Daily Yoga Practice To Get You Back on Your Mat


Are you interested in practicing yoga but still have no reason to do it? Check out the following 10 benefits of daily Yoga practice and you will find it interesting to get back on your mat every day.

Here we go!

1. Yoga increases your flexibility

It’s worth practicing yoga regularly and consistently in order to build muscle memory and gain more flexibility. Take your time and be patient!

2. Yoga boosts your immune system

10 Benefits of A Daily Yoga Practice To Get You Back on Your Mat

It’s completely true that any form of movement is great for keeping the immune system healthy. With yoga’s twisting, inverting, back bending, and calming, the body is able to spend more time within the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and less with the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight system, which causes stress and inflammation and dramatically lowers the immune system).

3. Yoga improves your strength

Besides stretching and bending, yoga requires a surprising amount of strength. Physical strength is important in order to prevent injury, boost the immune system and metabolism, and help make everyday tasks easier.

4. Yoga helps you to focus

It’s believed that Yoga helps develop one-pointedness concentration through practice. You train the mind to become aware and present. Research has shown that after a yoga class you are generally better able to focus your mental resources, process information more accurately, and also learn, hold and update pieces of information more effectively. 

5. Yoga soothes your skin

10 Benefits of A Daily Yoga Practice To Get You Back on Your Mat

The skin is one of the first places in the body to display signs of stress and nutrient deficiency. By practicing a combination of some of the more calming aspects of yoga, such as Pranayama and meditation, as well as an active yoga practice, the body and all its systems receive better circulation and the reduced stress levels can even help reduce conditions like acne and eczema.

6. Yoga reduces anxiety

Shallow breathing, poor posture, and tense muscles are both results and causes of anxiety. If you’ve been stuck in an anxiety cycle for a long period of time, it’s likely that your body has almost learned to protect itself by remaining tense, physically closed off, and with very short, sharp breaths. The mind and body are so closely interlinked, that physically deepening the breath, improving posture, and relaxing the muscles in a safe space can all help reduce anxiety.

7. Yoga helps you to breathe better

The emphasis on breathing in yoga is something beginners often struggle with, but over time moving with the breath becomes second nature. Just the ability to breathe more fully and deeply can have a very profound impact on overall health and is worth practicing every day. You might not have the postures with you for your whole life, but you have your breath in every moment.

8. Yoga helps you beat the blues

Movement is one of the best ways to bring about a good mood, and yoga is an especially effective medicine when it comes to battling the blues. Yoga taps into the nervous system, helping to release hormones that improve the mood. Focusing on something positive each time we practice yoga is also an effective way to imprint that positivity into the mind, so the more you practice, the more you’re likely to notice yourself smiling…

9. Yoga boosts your metabolism

A morning yoga practice will help to get the blood, breath, and muscles moving before breakfast, therefore allowing the nutrients from your food to be better absorbed. A strong practice can help build muscle, dramatically boost metabolism, and breathing fully and deeply increases circulation, also helping the metabolism to stay ticking along nicely.

10. Yoga improves your balance (in body and mind)

Balancing yoga postures help the brain to fire neurons that help with muscle memory and spatial awareness, and using the feet regularly in a daily yoga practice can strengthen the muscles of the foot, of which there are over 100!

Source: ekhartyoga

What Are The Hazards of UV?


Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a form of non-ionizing radiation that is emitted by the sun and artificial sources, such as tanning beds. While it has some benefits for people, including the creation of Vitamin D, it also can cause health risks.

Here are the common harmful effects that UV rays can cause to the body:

Skin Cancer

Prolonged exposure to the sun without protection can cause skin cell cancer and form melanoma. UV rays are the main cause of 90% of skin cancers.

Some signs of skin cancer that can be easily recognized:

– Unusual appearance of moles

– There are hard, yellow pimples on the eyelids

– Small red or purple lump appear

– Dry, scaly skin.

– Red and purple patches appear on the skin

Fire and Tanning

Sunburn is caused by absorbing UV energy. The blood will move to the sunburned area by self-healing mechanism, which is why your skin turns red.

This condition can get worse, and develop  into skin cancer if not treated promptly.

Immune System Damage

UV rays have the ability to suppress the immune system, changing the distribution of white blood cells within 24 hours of exposure to the sun.

Repeating this often will seriously damage your immune system.

Eye Damage

Eye burns, keratitis or cataracts are all caused by prolonged exposure to high-intensity ultraviolet rays, even when the amount of sunlight is low.

Aging Skin

UV rays have the ability to destroy collagen and connective tissue under the skin, create wrinkles, cause melasma / freckles, dark skin, uneven skin tone which only affects to our health but also aesthetically, no one likes a wrinkled, dark skin.

Therefore, finding ways to prevent UV rays is essential, especially for women who are entering the hot, uncomfortable summer.

aging skin

Efficient Ways To Prevent UV Radiation

There are many ways to help women protect their skin against UV rays, and Hairstylishes will summarize some of the most popular ways today as following:


Even if it’s not summer, you should still use sunscreen daily to prevent UVA and UVB rays from damaging your skin. The SPF number on the sunscreen product will tell you how well it protects your skin from damage. You should choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Wear thick clothes

Sunlight can penetrate thin layers of clothing, so increasing the thickness of your clothing to reduce UV exposure to your skin is a very good way to prevent it

In addition, bringing along umbrellas, wide-brimmed hats, gloves, and sunglasses will help you protect the whole body, especially during the hot sunny times of the day when you have to go out.


Avoid eating sweet or greasy foods. Instead, add more vegetables and fruits rich in potassium such as: jute vegetables, spinach, strawberries, bananas, ..to  supplement essential vitamins for the skin.

Choose a time to go out

As mentioned, the time of the highest UV intensity of the day is from 10 am to 16 pm, so you should limit going out during this time. Currently, there are many applications that help measure the intensity of UV rays every time you have a need to go out.


Besides the ways to prevent UV rays that Hairstylishes has shared above, summer skin care or skin care after going out is extremely necessary.