Causes Of Hair Loss And How To Fix It


Your hair, which is thin now, falls out even more leaving you feeling depressed and depressed? Do you have to go to the hairdresser to have your hair extensions, even to wear a wig? What are the causes of hair loss and how to fix them?

Let’s refer to the causes that may be the culprit causing your hair to become thinner and thinner, and from there you will be able to have a thorough solution and regain confidence!

Improper diet

Causes Of Hair Loss And How To Fix It

There are more than 95% of nutrients in the blood that nourishes the hair. Vitamin H (Biotin) and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) are two indispensable elements for hair strength. People who follow a weight loss diet, vegetarians, or those who have just undergone therapy or are sick are more prone to hair loss. Therefore, to improve hair loss, you should eat sensibly, supplement with enough vitamins for your body, and avoid fast or sugary foods.

Using medicine to treat disease

As mentioned above, a person who is ill or undergoing long-term drug treatment will also experience hair loss. Because of the influence of some drugs, it has taken away the nutrients that nourish the hair, changing the hair growth process, causing hair loss. When the treatment is over, and you stop using the drug, the hair will recover. Then you should look for natural remedies to help your hair recover faster.

Using too many hair services

Curling, straightening, dyeing … too much will increase the pressure on the hair by heat and chemicals. They cause the lipid layers and keratin scales in the hair cuticle to not bond tightly, leading to dry hair core and atrophy of hair follicles. Before deciding to have your hair done, ask yourself if your hair is weak or strong, the most recent hairdo, and at the same time choose reputable products on the market, avoid floating hairdressing chemicals of unknown origin.


Hereditary hair loss is only seen in men while women are not affected. This means that when a father suffers from male pattern baldness, his son will inherit it and it is very difficult to avoid. If someone in the family has baldness, you should prevent it early and actively treat it with hair conditioners to help slow down the hair loss process and reduce the degree of baldness.

Causes Of Hair Loss And How To Fix It

Stress and fatigue

Stress stimulates the body to release the telogen effluvium, which causes your hair to “retire”.Moreover, telogen effluvium can also cause the immune system to lose control, causing white blood cells to attack hair follicles, causing hair loss. You need to eliminate depression, have a comfortable mind, balanced nutrition, get enough sleep, create good habits and mental health to contribute to healthy, beautiful hair.

Scalp disease

The effects of skin diseases: fungus, psoriasis, eczema… also make the scalp inflamed, changing the structure of the hair which can make the hair vulnerable. Its impact also causes clogged pores, causing hair roots to be blocked, and hair can not grow back. When experiencing this condition, you need to visit a specialist facility to be examined and determine the cause of the disease. You should absolutely not arbitrarily use antifungal drugs, topical drugs …

There are many other reasons for hair loss as well. You can find out and add them to the list.


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