Effective and Simple Beauty Inspiration from Emma Watson


Beautiful, talented, fighting for women’s rights… Emma is the pride of the UK and the ideal model of the new generation of women.

Emma Watson is known as a talented beauty with integrity. Born in Paris and raised in the UK, she fully inherits the smart and elegant beauty of Western European ladies. What’s more, Emma is also a great influence of Hollywood cinema and the feminist movement through her campaign with the United Nations. What can make the audience “passionate” more than a beautiful girl inside and out? Let’s discover the secret behind Emma Watson’s beauty in the article below

She implements  the skincare routine very seriously

Emma is a person who is very interested in skincare. She believes that focusing on skincare is the secret to perfect appearance. In addition, smooth skin is also a great starting point for any makeup look, whether glamorous or natural. With healthy skin, you’ll also spend less on foundation, definitely! This is the reason why the British lady spends the most time on skincare among her beauty secrets.

Sunscreen is a MUST

Every skincare fanatic understands the importance of sunscreen. Emma is no exception. She is a “fan” of this skin protection product. According to Emma, ​​you should use sunscreen every day with an SPF of 15 or higher.

Effective and Simple Beauty Inspiration from Emma Watson

She chooses the best challenger

Using too much bronzer or blush can cause your makeup to look heavy. Emma is a person with sensitive skin. Because of that, she always minimizes the use of blush as much as possible. However, she still likes to wear a little soft pink blush to bring a glow effect, a subtle blush to the cheeks, and make the skin more vibrant.

She always brings lipsticks and lip balm

The “little witch” grew up on the set, alongside professional makeup artists. Thanks to that, she learned for herself the secret of always carrying two types of lipstick with her wherever she goes in which the bold lipstick with good coverage is intended for evening meetings while in the morning, she loves a light pink lip balm. She believes that tinted lip balm will make your lips more attractive than colorless lip balms.

She has exercise habits that work!

Incredible Cardio exercises.

Behind her toned body with seductive curves, Emma Watson invests time and effort in intense cardio exercises. She works out five days a week, centered around activities like pilates and running. The Hollywood actress likes to work out hard because it helps her maintain a slim body. In addition, she tries to exercise as a daily habit instead of seeing it as a reluctant obligation.

Weight lifting

Besides cardio exercises, the Hollywood beauty also lifts weights in her exercises. Lifting weights 3 days a week is the secret to keeping her body strong and supple.


Effective and Simple Beauty Inspiration from Emma Watson

To get a toned body but still slim and attractive, Emma Watson’s secret is to integrate simple yoga exercises with intense training.

She has healthy meals instead of having a diet

Emma does not follow any strict diet plan. In fact, she still loves chocolate or baked pasta. Her daily menu is always full of nutrients such as starch, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, fresh fruits, vegetables – essential substances for the body. She is determined to stay away from fast food and foods that contain much sugar, salt or trans fats.


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