Hairstyles For Overweight Women


Is fat really beautiful? Some overweight women are already confident about their bodies, and they do not feel the need to change their lifestyles. Other overweight women engage in slimming exercises to achieve smaller bodies. This second group of women tends to believe that a slimmer body is a more beautiful body.

However, it can take a long time to see results through exercise. By cleverly styling hair, overweight women can be undeniably beautiful within a considerably shorter period of time! In choosing clever hairstyles, the shape of the face is not the only factor to consider. The shape of the body is another key factor that will influence a woman’s choices. And one of the most challenging body shapes for hairstylists is those of overweight women. An overweight woman will still have her own unique face shape, but there is the added complexity of a wider face. The goal of the hairstylist is to play down the width of the face and still show off the woman’s best facial features.

Which hairstyles will look good on overweight women? Here are some suggestions.

Hairstyles For Overweight Women

The Sassy Shag

The shag or the medium-length layered cut is a good choice for a sassy and irreverent look. It is great for round face shapes because the length significantly lengthens the face. The side bangs are angled in a way that reduces the forehead’s width. And the disheveled look of the layers emphasizes the femininity of the face. When wearing this hairstyle every day, a woman should remember to sweep the bangs to the side and add only a little fluff to the hair’s body.

The Cheeky Pixie

The pixie cut with layers that add fullness to the crown is perfect for overweight women who have naturally wavy or curly hair. The radically short haircut frames the upper part of the face and highlights the fine cheekbones and the deep-set eyes. With bangs that are swept to the side to reveal part of the forehead, this hairstyle is effective in slimming down the face. When wearing this hairstyle, a woman should fluff the crown area by running her fingers through it.

The Feisty Flip

The flip is the favorite of beauty queens, such as Cybill Shepard and Delta Burke. But you don’t need a beauty queen’s body to have the flip. There are, however, different types of flips. For overweight women, the ideal flip is the one that is topped by a medium-length sleek hair and ends casually between the chin and the shoulders. It will also help to have the hair create a closer curtain on the sides of the face or a longer side bangs. When styling the hair flip, a woman must avoid the complete curl. The ends should also caress and soften the neck.

The Clever Layers

Layers normally add body to the hair and the face. But if cut shrewdly, the layers can reduce the width of the face. Such cleverly cut layers are placed low, below the ears and down to the ends of the hair. This hairstyle is recommended for overweight women who also happen to have the square face shape and the strong jaw. It can be of any length, but most hairstylists would suggest the shoulder-length, where the layers can do their best in reducing the fullness of the chin, jaw, and neck. When wearing this hairstyle, a woman should prevent the hair on the top of the head from clinging to the crown. The combined effect of the full crown and the lower layers will add length and balance to the face.

The Lovely Lengths

When deciding on the appropriate length of hair, an overweight woman will do better with longer hair styles than shorter ones. The short haircut with a bob style that ends right at the chin is a faux pas that can’t be easily fixed. With longer hair, a woman will have many hairstyle choices. And if she doesn’t have time to go to a salon, she can always draw a side part using a hairpin, and she will immediately obtain a slimmer face.

Any of the above hairstyles will be flattering to the face of the overweight woman. However, whatever hairstyle she finally chooses, it is best to remember that beauty also radiates from within. The woman must be happy about herself. She must exude confidence. Without confidence, a good hairstyle can only do so much.


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