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Trendy short silver hairstyles 2022


It might seem old but silver hair is trending and this once daunting color looks stunning on just about anyone. Some might think silver hair is weird since a lot of use color our hair to get rid of the grey, but this light color has a way that turns your hair from boring to fabulous. The best thing about silver hair is all the fun you can have with it and the different styles you can rock along with it.

If you’re ready to give silver hair a try for yourself, here are some of our favorite looks that you should consider getting yourself.

1. Silver Lob
Say bye to boring hair and rock a stunning silver lob.

2. Metallic Tones

Have fun with your silver and run some funky colors through it.

3. Classic Bob

A classic bob pairs beautifully with silver hair.

4. Round Bob

This rounded bob looks even edgier with a fun silver hue.

5. Silver Waves

Embrace the silver color and rock it with your waves.

6. Silver Bayalage

Have fun with your balayage coloring.

7. Ash

Go on the darker side of silver and try out a fun ashy color.

8. Shades of Grey

Go from light to dark with your silver choices.

9. Icy

You can choose a super light silver color for an icy effect.

10. Dark low lights

Make your silver pop by adding some darker low lights to your look.

11. Silver Pop

Add a pop of silver to your hair if you’re not ready to fully commit.

12. Hidden

Surprise everyone with a hidden silver color in your hair.

13. Subtle Silver

Add a subtle silver to your hair for a pop of color.

14. Ombre

An ombre silver is stunning and looks perfect on anyone.

15. Sectional

Adding a section of silver to your can really change your look.

16. Duo Color

Silver is a great color to use when working with more than one color.

17. Dark

Pop silver onto some black hair for a stunning mix of colors.

18. Silver Pixie

Pixies and silver hair go beautifully together.

19. Silver Melt

This blend of silver and natural looks amazing.

20. Silver Undertones

Lighten your hair up a bit with a few silver undertones.

21. Dip Dye

You don’t have to go full silver to enjoy this look.

22. Silver and Blue

Blue and silver always pair perfectly together.

23. Smokey Silver

This smokey silver adds a little depth to your hair.

24. Natural Silver

Run silver through your natural color for a gorgeous look.

25. Silver Vibes

This silver hair is stunning and perfect for changing your lookup.

26. Silver Lavender

This lavender and silver mixture is perfect for someone who loves multiple colors.

27. Sleek Silver

A sleek silver look is perfect for a new style.

28. Shadow Roots

Keep your roots darker and the rest of your hair a little lighter.

29. Feathered Pixie

This feathered pixie looks stunning with a silver color.

30. Half Look

Have fun with your silver and mix your hair up.

31. Glacier

This icy silver color is stunning and perfect to try out.

32. Chunky Silver

A chunky silver color is great for a shorter style.

33. Blunt Style

A blunt style and silver color are beautiful for a new look.

34. Purple Mixture

Mixing this purple with silver is a great and unique choice.

35. Icy Silver

Go super light with your silver for a vibrant hue.

Silver might seem a little old and scary to try on your hair but as you can see, the color actually looks beautiful and allows you to have a lot of unique styles.

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35 Gorgeous and Unique Short Silver Hairstyles

35 Unique and Fun Short Hairstyles for 2021


Short styles, love them or hate them, they’re perfect for anyone who is looking to have a little less hair. Short styles are great to have because they’re easy to style, a little less maintenance and you can have a lot of fun with the color. With a short style you can still wear a stunning up do and they’re easy for people who frequent the gym a lot, there is literally no downside to having a shorter hairdo.

If you’ve been on the fence about a shorter style, take a look at some of our favorite. You just might find the perfect one for yourself.


Adding a set of bangs will always make your short style look amazing.


2. Asymmetrical

This asymmetrical bob is unique and stunning.


3. Silver Lob

A lob is a great style to work with and looks great when paired with silver hair.


4. Textured Pixie

Add a lot of layers throughout your pixie for some amazing texture.


5. Curled Pixie

Pixies are beautiful short styles that look amazing with curls.


6. Shaved Sides

Amp your pixie up by shaving the sides.


7. Tousled Pixie

This tousled pixie is soft and beautiful.


8. Pixie Crop

If you want longer than a pixie but shorter then a bob go for the pixie crop.


9. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a great way to accent your lob.


10. Chestnut Bob

This bob is a mixture of stunning colors and beautiful cut.


11. Boyish Pixie

A boyish pixie is easy to maintain.


12. Shaggy Pixie

Have some fun with your pixie.


13. Funky Lob

Playing with colors is great when it comes to a lob.


14. Layered Pixie

Layers throughout your pixie will leave you with a lot of dimension.


15. Edgy Bob

This bob is fun and edgy.


16. Balayage Lob

Get in style with this stunning balayage lob.


17. Rounded Bob

Give your hair a little lift with a rounded bob.


18. Sleek Bob

If you like straight and tailored, a sleek bob is for you.


19. Mohawk

This mohawk is fun and unique.


20. Pink

Throwing pink on your short style is a great idea.


21. Curled Bob

This curled bob gives you a ton of volume.


22. Choppy Bob

This bob is choppy and fun.


23. Ombre Lob

This lob is a stunning ombre color.


24. Cropped Bob

A cropped bob is a beautiful short style.


25. Short Pixie

If you don’t want to worry too much about styling your hair, this short pixie is perfect for you.


26. Golden Bob

Lighten your bob up with stunning gold colors.


27. Textured Pixie

This textured pixie is stylish and perfect.


28. Shaved

You can start fresh with a shaved style and a fun color.


29. Honey Lob

A honey lob is stunning for anyone to try out.


30. Soft Lob

Be fun and flirty with this gorgeous lob.


31. Tailored Bob

If you like a easy look, try out this tailored bob.


32. Grown Out Pixie

Let your pixie get some length for a beautiful style.


33. Highlights

Brighten that bob up with a few highlights.


34. A-Line

This a-line bob is unique and fun for anyone looking for a new style.


35. Faux Hawk

Add a little to your faux hawk with some razor designs.

Short styles are always fun to try out and can really let you show your own unique personal style.

Source: Hair
35 Unique and Fun Short Hairstyles for 2021

Best trendy summer hair

When hot and sunny summer days are approaching, most brunettes are looking for fresh, trendy hair colors and haircuts to keep up with the new season. As always, brunettes are so lucky when it comes to changing hair color. Brunette hair colors are versatile and varied in every season. Regardless of your hair color, we have summarized the best brunette hair colors for you from lighter to darker shades. Choose the perfect brunette hair color to shine up your next summer days. Use plain brown hair like chocolate and honey brown, or achieve a multi-dimensional effect by trying highlights and balayage. Scroll down to see the 13 hottest ideas for hair colors for brunettes in 2020!

Honey Brown

Best trendy summer hair

With its heat hue that is a super combo of darkish blonde and mild brown, honey brown is ideal for those with mild eyes and a fair complexion.

Dark Chocolate

Best trendy summer hair

This darkish brown hue is great for those with brown eyes and olive pores and skin tones. Its deep darkish coloration is quite fashionable and sophisticated.

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Plum Hair Color Choices You Will Be Asking For In 2020

Plum hair color is neither cold nor warm, yet it can suit any complexion, image, and taste. Discover the latest trend in the world of hair colors!

Plum hair color is a rising trend that already has a huge fan base of women looking for a major color change. Standing somewhere between burgundy and eggplant tones, the fresh color hit splits into an impressive palette of dramatic and effortless shades.

And you are bound to check them out, especially if you want your transformation to be game-changing. Learn more about the latest shade of 2020 and see how to pull it off today!

What does plum color look like?

Named after a multi-toned juicy fruit, the plum shade usually comes as a mixture of burgundy, brownish, and dark purple tones. Such a diverse color mix allows modern women to experiment with plum color hair, adding reddish, ashy or brunette accents to their plum looks.

Q: Is plum warm or cool color?

A: Surprisingly, it’s neither and both, and that’s why it’s so special.

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Gorgeous outfits ideas for chubby women


What style of dress do the girls like best? It’s not that we dress for them, it’s just that, happy to know their opinions about what we wear every day.

Body size is often debated as a determinant of whether a woman’s beauty is perfect or not. Size doesn’t matter, miss. The most important thing is how you can carry yourself as best you can and how you can always be confident and make other people comfortable hanging out and seeing you.

Here below are the most gorgeous outfits ideas for chubby women.

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How To Make Double-Sided Ponytails


What are Double-sided ponytails? As the name suggests it’s made with two side hair strands from the front and crown area joining the ponytail at the back. It gives sleek look with elegance and style. It will not only give you a comparatively better look than a regular ponytail but also make you stand out in crowded. Below I have mentioned all the steps, videos, tips, and pictures of Double Side Ponytail that will make it easy for you to opt for this hairstyle.

The video below shows you how to make a double-sided ponytail. Each step is explained clearly so as to make a double-sided ponytail in a simple and faster way.

40 Gorgeous Short Pink Hairstyles


Pink hair has recently made a splash in the hair industry. People are becoming more open with showing their true colors and allowing their hair to be a little different than what you see walking down the street. When it comes to pink hair, your color options are unlimited too. You can choose a vibrant and deep pink, or go with something softer like a rose or pastel pink. Regardless of what pink you choose, it is a stunning color to try out and looks beautiful on just about anyone.

If a pink hair color seems right up your alley, here are a few ideas to give you a little more inspiration.

1.Cotton Candy

Mix your pink with a variety of other colors for a stunning cotton candy effect.


2. Ombre

Go from dark to light, letting your pink be the brightest.


3. Rose

If you want to keep it a little more neutral, try out this rose color.


4. Pop of Pink

Add a pop of color to your hair if you’re not ready to do your whole head.


5. Bubblegum

Pixies and a bubblegum pink look stunning together.


6. Rose Gold

Rose gold hair color is super trendy right now and looks beautiful.


7. Vibrant Pink

Vibrant pink is bright and gorgeous.


8. Raspberry Lob

A lob with a stunning raspberry color is perfect for the winter.


9. Reverse Ombre

You can reverse your ombre and go from light to dark.


10. Soft Pink

This soft pink is stunning and perfect for anyone looking for a softer look.


11. Pink and Purple

Pair two of your favorite colors together for one stunning look.


12. Pastel Pink

Pastel pink is a beautiful color to add to your lob.


13. Berry Pink

Go for a little darker pink for a deeper look.


14. Minimal Pink

This minimal pink is soft and delicate, perfect for shorter styles.


15. Touch of Pink

Add a little touch of pink to your hair for some brighten strands.


16. Pink Braids

This vibrant pink is perfect to style into braids.


17. Hot Pink

Hot pink pairs beautifully with a longer pixie.


18. Light Pink

Leave your bob shaggy and add a stunning light pink to it.


19. Sunset

Have fun with your pink hair and add a mixture for a beautiful outcome.


20. Pink Balayage

You can still stay on trend with a balayage, just add pink instead.


21. Soft Pink Highlights

If you want a little change, these soft highlights are perfect.


22. Fire Pink

Choose a pink that is loud and proud.


23. Shadow Roots

You can keep your roots dark and add a lovely pink with it.


24. Pretty Pink

This stunning pink and short braid are gorgeous together.


25. Creamy Pink

This soft, creamy ink is perfect for a touch of color.


26. Pink Dream

This pink is stunning on anyone.


27. Pink Fauxhawk

Add a touch of pink to really show your fauxhawk off.


28. Strawberry Pink

This strawberry pink is fun and flirty.


29. Pink Bob

Soft pink with a bob is a style you need to try.


30. Pink Vibes

If you can choose one pink, pick a couple.


31. Curled Pink Lob

This curly pink lob is stunning and would look beautiful on anyone.


32. Pink Mixture

Mixing pink with your natural color creates a stunning color.


33. Bold Pink

With a bold pink color, you get something a little darker.


34. Dip Dye

If you’re not ready to go all pink, try a dip dye instead.


35. Pink Undercut

Color some of your hair pink and leave your undercut natural.


36. Platinum Pink

Platinum pink is super light and stunning.


37. Duo Colored

Mix your pink with another fun and vibrant hue.


38. Gradient

Created a gradient of pink throughout your hair.


39. Pastel Hues

This array of pink pastels is stunning with a lob.


40. Pink Melt

Melt a stunning bubblegum pink into your hair.


Pink is a stunning color that will look beautiful on any hair type. You can go big and bold or keep it on the softer and lighter side.

Source: Hair
40 Gorgeous Short Pink Hairstyles

19 Short Hairstyles for Women with Thick Hair

Some women are daring enough to wear their hair short, and others are smart enough to wear their hair short, but the fact is that sexy short hair is here to stay and it looks nothing short of fantastic when it’s worn in the right way. Do you have the facial features for a short hairstyle? Some short hairstyles for women look great on just about anyone, with a few exceptions, and others tend to follow certain facial features, such as foreheads and cheekbones. So what kind of short hairstyles for women are out there and how do you decide on the one that is right for you?

Short hairstyles come in too many varieties to mention in an article of this size, but they do fall into several general categories. There is the bob haircut that is popular, the buzz cut that is not as popular but on the right woman it looks fantastic, and there are also short curly hairstyles that are also popular. Hair color doesn’t really play a role in the decision to have a short hairstyle, but it may have some bearing on the type of short hairstyle you decide to wear. The best way to choose the hairstyle that is best for you is to look at pictures, and if you are part of the right type of website you can even try those hairstyles on a picture of yourself, a great way to choose that perfect hairdo.

1- Short Hairstyles for Women with Thick Hair

Short Hairstyles For Women With Thick Hair

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How To Use Aloe Vera For Massive Hair Growth

In this video, we will be showing you 3 more ways to use homemade Aloe Vera gel and aloe vera oil for massive hair growth. These are methods that can help you grow your hair longer, faster, and healthier.

10 Office Short Hairstyle Ideas for Women

Wild fantasy hair color isn’t the best choice for office short hairstyle ideas for women. But that doesn’t mean you have to look boring! These classy short hairstyles are full of fabulous new cutting techniques and subtle balayage colors. So you can project an attractive, modern image!

1. Chin-length blonde bob – office short hairstyle ideas for women


Chin-length bobs are popular as a good stylist can adjust them to flatter all ages and face shapes. If you have a round face, the asymmetry of a long, diagonal fringe will add length and break up the round symmetry. Or if you have a long face shape, a diagonal fringe will break up the long line. Then you just need to add volume at the sides to make a narrow face appear wider. This tousled, golden blonde short bob is trendy and cute.

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