10 Amazing Hairstyles That Never Age


By 50, your hair “look” is pretty much a done deal. Even celebs our age have signature tresses, such as Annette Bening’s crop, Susan Sarandon’s wavy lob, and Lisa Rinna’s shag. Keeping that true-you style contemporary requires a little yearly tweaking. Here are 10 hair-to-stay amazing hairstyles you’ll never outgrow.

Tousled Pixie

Jamie Lee Curtis, Ellen DeGeneres, Judi Dench, Angela Bassett and Robin Roberts inspire us to crop it short and never look back. Keep this look sexy and edgy by breaking up the mini-layers with styling paste or pomade. Rub a tiny dab between your fingers and rake them through your hair for separation and texture. If it looks a little mussed and imperfect, you’ve got it right. Leave tapered pieces around the ears and nape for a gamine effect. (No shaving, please!)

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