Interesting Things About Hair You May Not Know


Interesting things about hair you may not know

– Human hair and hair on different parts of the body tend to be less and less. However, until then, maybe scientists have had enough knowledge to prevent it from happening.

– Each hair fiber is equally an iron wire with equivalent thickness.

– Every day the hair grows an average of 0.35mm, or about 1cm per month. However, the speed of hair growth depends on each person’s gender and nutrition.

– Each hair fiber “lives” an average of 2-6 years, so some of you can have very long hair while others don’t.  On average, it takes 6 years for human’s hair to reach 70cm length.

– Medium length and average growth rate per month of hair, eyelashes and mustache:

+ Hair: 70cm, 1cm / month. Normally, your hair grows 1cm longer than it was last month. However, it is not necessarily a correct number.

+ Eyelashes: 3cm, 0.45cm / month

+ Mustache (men): 28cm, 1.2cm / month

– There are from 65 to 150 thousand hairs on our scalps. Blonde people have the most hair while the red hair one has the least. Normally, there are about 100,000 hairs on our head

– Each hair fiber is from 0.02 to 0.04 mm

Replies to some questions about hair

– Does women’s hair have a higher “lifespan” than men’s?

Correct. A “feminine” hair will live longer than a “masculine’ one. On average, men’s hair can last in 2-4 years, while women’s one is from 4-7 years.

– The hair fiber cannot grow again from where it failed off?

Wrong. A healthy hair will always replicate constantly. When the life cycle of a hair has ended, it will be replaced with a different hair with a new hairline growing right from the hair previous hair fell off.

– The hair fibers continue to grow long when they have not fallen off yet?

Wrong. 10-15% of the total number of hairs that is unable to grow longer. The reason is that they have entered the end of life – the stage of the decline. This period lasts an average of 3 months.

– is it an unusual phenomenon to lose about 30 hairs each day?

Wrong. Natural hair loss depends on the thickness of the hair. Some people lose about 20 hairs every day, but there are people who take up to 50-60 hairs / day. Moreover, hair shed will be replaced with healthier ones. So don’t worry too much.

– Cutting your hair often will help it grow thicker. Usually after cutting hair, new curls tend to be thicker than the old ones. However, hair cutting does not mean your hair will grow faster than normal speed. On average, it can be 2.5cm longer. However, you are recommended to cut your hair in case it’s a splitting hair. This is the only way to help you quickly improve your split hair condition.

– Hair dyeing when pregnant is likely to harm your baby. Health care professionals recommend that you should not or limit to the minimum use of hair dyes during the pregnancy, especially the first and the last 3 months because chemicals in hair dyes can cause fetal sacrifices, premature births or lack of birth.

– The sun VA rays are harmful to your skin and hair. Therefore, don’t forget to wear a wide-brimmed hat when going out to protect the hair.

– Smoking harmful to the development of hair. Tobacco is the culprit causing hair loss. According to the results from the research works, smokers will face the risk of silver hair earlier than 4 times compared to other ordinary people.

– Healthy hair is due to the effect of genetic factors. This is only a certain part, because most genetic factors will affect the type of hair that you own more than the “health” of the hair. In addition, a healthy hair depends on factors such as diet, hair care, stress…


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