Secrets of the Better Liv Tyler Hairstyles


Liv Tyler has always been a versatile actress who takes on varied roles. She played the inspired girlfriend of Jimmy in “That Thing You Do!” and she was the daughter of Harry Stamper (played by Bruce Willis) in “Armageddon.”  She was the powerful she-elf Arwen in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. And she became Betty Ross in the “The Incredible Hulk.”

However, outside of the silver screen, Live Tyler stirs up different reactions from critics because of her hairstyles. On some days, she receives passionate thumbs down. And on other days, the current Liv Tyler hairstyle is hailed as incomparable.

Secrets of the Better Liv Tyler Hairstyles

Which of Liv Tyler’s hairstyles are ideal for her?

What makes some Liv Tyler’s hairstyles a big hit? And more importantly, why is it that some Liv Tyler’s hairstyles ended up in the bad hair days bin? Liv Tyler faces many challenges when it comes to her hair. In fact, it is safe to assume that deciding the Liv Tyler hairstyle is more difficult than playing her roles. But here is an attempt to unravel the secrets of the better Liv Tyler hairstyles.

Understanding Liv Tyler’s face shape

In the world of hairstyling, it is an important law to study the shape of the face to identify the most flattering hairstyle. Then, the purpose of the hairstyle is to make the face appear closer to the face shape that is considered as perfect – the oval shape. This sounds easy on the surface, but there is one little problem. It is rare for any person to have a distinct face shape. The majority of faces tend to have a combination of face shapes. And herein exists the first challenge to Liv Tyler’s hairstyles.

Liv Tyler has a face shape that combines the oval and the oblong. The combination, however, is not evenly balanced. On close analysis of Liv Tyler’s face shape, her face is dominantly oval. The rule for oval face shapes is that the ratio of the length of the face, which begins from the hairline to the tip of the chin, and the width, which is measured across the cheeks, should be 1.5.

Liv Tyler’s face shape precisely meets this particular requirement. But many hairstylists, without this mathematical exactness in mind, tend to believe that Live Tyler’s face is more oblong than oval, and then they create Liv Tyler hairstyles accordingly. The result, obviously, is not the best.

Playing up the face shape through Liv Tyler’s hairstyle

The best Liv Tyler hairstyles should work on the fact that her face is actually more oval than oblong. There is an illusion of a more oblong face because of her generous chin. But there are wonderful Liv Tyler hairstyles that defy the rules for oblong faces. For example, oblong faces should never wear long hair styles because the length will further elongate the face. But Liv Tyler’s more oval face can get away with longer hair. Oblong faces should also avoid parting the hair at the middle. But many attractive Liv Tyler hairstyles are parted in the middle.

Keep in mind that Liv Tyler does not have a perfectly oval shape of face. This means that a little mistake against the rules for oval face shapes will be exaggerated on her. The Liv Tyler hairstyles, therefore, must be chosen very carefully. The good news is that oval face shapes can sport most types of hairstyles. For example, oval face shapes will look great with short hair. Life Tyler’s chic short hair when she was the presenter of Oscars in 1999 made her look absolutely stunning. But any hair length will be acceptable for her. The predominantly oval shape also allows for longer Liv Tyler hairstyles.

However, there is a little challenge that lies along Liv Tyler’s hairline. She has numerous fine baby hairs that can’t be pulled back. This is why many Liv Tyler hairstyles have bangs, and she couldn’t get away with a quickly pulled back ponytail. The best Liv Tyler hairstyles are those that softly frame her face, bringing out the beautiful balance of her facial features.


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