Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022: Front And Back Views, Full Review


Modern women have the opportunity to fulfill their childhood dream – to become a fairy from a fairy tale and not look crazy. You don’t have to wear a magic wand, transparent wings behind your back, just make an incredibly popular pixie haircut. True, you still have to sacrifice something, namely: long hair, since such an appearance looks best on short hair. In this article, we will tell you everything about what kind of pixie haircut for short hair 2021 – 2022. Front and back views, photos, and also:

  • a complete overview of the varieties;
  • recommendations for women over 50;
  • haircut technology;
  • tips for choosing pixies for different face types.

What Is This Pixie Haircut?

The fashionable history of pixie haircuts for short hair began in the turbulent sixties of the last century. It was put down by a British supermodel, style icon – Twiggy. Her short “hat” with long bangs became a real symbol of the decade, so every advanced girl of that time wanted to look like that. More than 50 years have passed and little has changed – girls around the world, as before, are ready for experiments and choose pixies to become irresistible, stay at the height of fashion. Among the admirers of pixies at different times were Liza Minnelli, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna, Emma Watson and other equally famous fashion icons.

The “fey” bow in the original is a multi-layer bangs with strands of different lengths and short hairs on the back of the head and temples. Now stylists have developed numerous variations on this fashionable theme, we will tell about the most popular ones below.

Front View Photos

Despite their apparent simplicity, pixies are very diverse, they are formed with:

  • short and long bangs;
  • shaved or standard temples;
  • elongated or shortened occipital part;
  • with the bangs raised up.

They are allowed to be:

  • smooth;
  • disheveled;
  • ultrashort;
  • with the most voluminous hair (pixie bob);
  • bright;
  • monotonous;
  • hooligan;
  • laconic;
  • excellent for fine hair or their opposite.

They are united by incredible popularity and versatility; they suit almost all women, regardless of age.

Making it in front allows you to either fully open the face or close part of it with a long bang.

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