11 Pretty Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair In 2021


Prom is one of the most exciting events for high school-age girls. It’s an event that is usually reserved for seniors and sometimes juniors in high school, so many students look forward to their turn to experience prom for years in advance. As prom approaches, many  young women spend hours finding the right dress to wear, the right shoes and jewelry to go with their dress, the right makeup to wear, and–of course–the perfect hairstyle to complete their look on prom night.

If you’re searching for the perfect prom hairstyle, look no further. These prom hairstyles are gorgeous, classy, and elegant–everything the perfect prom hairstyle should be. Plus, all of these styles are pretty easy to style yourself at home, so you don’t have to worry about booking a salon appointment if you choose one of these hairstyles for prom. Keep in mind that these prom hairstyles are designed for long hair that falls at least a few inches below your shoulders. If you have short- to mid-length hair, some of these styles might not work out for you or you might have to alter them slightly to accommodate your shorter length.

1. Loose Top Knot

Pretty Easy Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair - Prom Long Hair Ideas

Top knots are no longer just a lazy day hairstyle. As you can see from this elegant loose top knot hairstyle, top knots can look ultra-glamorous and put-together if you dress them up right.

Gather your hair into a loose top knot at the upper crown of your head and secure it in place with plenty of pins. Leave a few strands loose in front and just behind your ears to frame your face and give this elegant style a carefree finishing touch.

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