This Simple Test Will Help You Find Out Your True Hair Types


In Andre Walker‘s (one of the most talented hairstylists who worked with Oprah Winfrey and Halle Berry) hair typing system, everything comes down to how curly your hair is naturally. Here following are the main hair types that we would like to introduce you:

-1A hair is usually not thick at all and extremely soft and fine. Its biggest advantage is that it naturally looks really shiny.

-1B hair, on the other hand, is kinda thick and has great volume near the roots, so it looks way more full than 1A hair type.

– 1C hair is really thick and has impressive volume. However, it’s almost impossible to curl! This type is pretty common among Asian women.

– 2A hair is right in between wavy and straight. Without any styling, it tends to form weak S-shaped strands, curling a bit at the ends.

– 2B hair has way more visible and prominent S-shaped curls. It can be slightly frizzy as well, adhering to the shape of your head.

– 2C hair combines wavy and curly hair. It’s very frizzy, quickly curls up in humid environments, and has tons of volume and generally thicker waves.

– 3A hair is shiny and great at taking any form you want it to. This type has a very definite S-shape which makes it appear full and healthy.

– 3B type has a smaller curl pattern than 3A, ranging from spiral-like curls to tight corkscrews. It also has a combination texture.

– 3C hair is actually thinner than 3A and 3B but its curls are smaller which makes it appear thicker. Plus, it’s very tight, almost to the point of being kinky.

– 4A hair has an S-shaped pattern if you stretch it, but usually it’s just tight coils. It tends to be thin, brittle, and fragile.

– 4B hair bends with really sharp angles and often has a Z-shape and zigzag-like curls. Just like 4A, this type is pretty fragile as well.

– And 4C type is the hardest to style and take care of. It doesn’t have a definite curl pattern which makes it look awesome but extremely hard to comb.*

So here is the video with simple test that can help you find out your true hair type:


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