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Make Sure To Ditch These Fashion Trends If You Do Not Want To Appear Old And Tacky


Nothing Tight

You have probably noticed that there is a trend among certain people of certain ages in terms of the looseness of their clothes. Young people tend to wear tight clothing, while older people like to wear baggy pieces. In reality, you only need to get something true to your size if you want a nice silhouette.

Chunky Sneakers

Another popular trend among youngsters would be chunky shoes. This is true for booties, heels, and sneakers. But you should be careful because they might make you look not only older but heavier too. If you want to look slimmer, your safest bet is going to be light shoes like kitten heels or ankle strap flats.

Too Trendy

It is easy to assume that trendy clothes are always good, but it is easy to go overboard with it as well. You should let go of a style as soon as it goes out the window. Avoid wearing something past its prime because it will only make you look older. You might want to stick to classics that never go out. We are talking about leather, plaid, and the like!

Jacket Around The Waist

Do you remember the time when it was cool to hang your jacket around your waist? We have to admit that we quite miss this trend. However, you should avoid this because it has been over 20 years since it was cool. You should do it on your shoulders since that won’t make your waist and hip seem bigger.

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