Japanese Women’s Facial Care – The Secret To Ageless Beauty


Japanese women are often described as having perfect, radiant, youthful skin, which has long been considered as the role model for Asian skin. So how can they maintain beautiful, vibrant skin, even as they age? What secrets do they have that are different from the rest of us to be able to maintain such great skin? Let’s refer to the facial skin care of Japanese women below to achieve beautiful, flawless skin like theirs!

Japanese skin care principle: Do not use many skin care products at the same time

Japanese women tend to use simple skincare methods, and they don’t use many different products at the same time. Usually, they use mild and unscented facial cleansers to remove oil and sebum from their faces and keep them moisturized. Then use moisturizing oils made from natural ingredients such as rice bran, red beans, kelp, and green tea extracts… Using a night cream is also a favorite way to take care of the facial skin of Japanese women.

Do not use a lot of makeup products

Japanese women rarely abuse makeup products, and facial care products are often chosen carefully by them. With their perfect skin, makeup products are considered an unnecessary addition. Makeup tends to clog pores and adds a layer of byproducts on the skin. Therefore, Japanese women often try to make up as light as possible.

Use oil products only for facial care

While most of us choose oil-free skin care products, Japanese women, on the other hand, prefer products in the form of “oil” for skincare. They use a facial oil to clean and moisturize because facial oil can dissolve oil and dirt on the face easily. It should be noted that these are natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil, not products containing mineral oil, which are known to clog pores and leave a layer of residue that we need another detergent to remove.

Japanese Women's Facial Care - The Secret To Ageless Beauty

Facial cleansing routine every night

This is a law of simple facial care that all Japanese women will follow. They regularly cleanse the face and keep the skin fresh and clean before going to bed, the time when the skin “rests and breathes”.

Hats and coats are prior to sunscreen

Yes, that’s true. If they were given a choice, Japanese women wouldn’t put a layer of sunscreen on their faces. Instead of sitting out in direct sunlight, they would wear a wide hat and a UV umbrella to shield their skin from the sun. 

Pat your skin, don’t rub it!

You can invest in expensive beauty products on the market, but the secret to youthful skin is mostly technical. Most of us are taught how to use skincare products with our fingers, massaging our face in a circular motion, right? As for Japanese women, they have their own way. Instead of “rubbing and rubbing” like us, they “slap” on the face gently, slowly, then gently stroke the skin while applying the product on the face. This seems to help increase blood circulation, speeding up skin rejuvenation.

Japanese Women's Facial Care - The Secret To Ageless Beauty

Use antioxidant green tea as a long-lasting youthful facial skin care

Not only choosing skincare products made from green tea, but Japanese women also drink a lot of green tea as well as use similar products. Green tea contains antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from UV rays, which are one of the main causes of wrinkles and pigmentation.

Keeping the mind relaxed is a very important way of facial skin care for Japanese women

The beauty of Japanese women is not only reflected in the skin. They make themselves beautiful in the most comfortable way. Stress is the number one enemy of beautiful skin. Therefore, Japanese women attach great importance to maintaining balance-what the Japanese call “Mie-nai Osharé” which translates as “unseen beauty (or hidden beauty)”.

Eating a lot of fish is a popular Japanese way of facial skin care  

Unlike Western food which is mainly red meat, fried foods, and high sugar drinks, the Japanese eat a lot of seafood (fish, shrimp, seaweed, etc.) Essential oils, fatty acids, and nutrients – all contribute to the maintenance of youthful skin. Japanese women follow a diet that contains a variety of fish, seafood, and seaweed.

So, if you want to know the Japanese women’s facial care tips, start by filling your fridge with seafood, green tea and applying the above principles. Your skin will soon be beautiful, radiant, and youthful, definitely!


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