30 Trends Maroon Hair Ideas You Should Try


“It’s a bit of red and pink? No, it’s a mix of red, blue, and brown? No, it’s uhhh…”

That’s the description of maroon that I’ve gotten from most of my friends. This trending color has caused many a problem when it comes to its description. Often, women complain that they didn’t get the right maroon hair color done at the salon. Here’s what you need to know to avoid such a fiasco.

What Exactly Is The Color Of Maroon?

Maroon is most often mistaken to be burgundy. Maroon is a shade of red that has a tint of brown. Burgundy, on the other hand, is a shade of red with a tint of violet. Magenta is a mix of pink and red.

What Colors Does Maroon Go With?

Maroon is a cool-toned color. So, opt for colors that are more cool-toned – like silvers, blues, and greens. If you have warm-toned skin, you will need to consider a warmer shade of maroon that has a hint of orange, yellow, or gold.

Here are 30 stunning maroon hair shades to help you understand and get on board with this maroon faze.

1. Wine Maroon

Wine Maroon

Wine maroon is the color of the sophisticated. Go wine this summer, and you won’t be sorry. While wine is mostly a burgundy shade, hair colorists have come up with a few wine shades that have more of a maroon tint in them.

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